Shut Down Survival – 4 Interactive Team Games to Play Remotely

With social distancing, self-isolation, and 30-day stay-at-home orders in place its easy to find yourself idle … very, very idle. The good news: We live in a technologically savvy world, there’s plenty you can do to stay connected with friends and family.

Prepare for the Business Impact of Coronavirus

Staying Safe & Informed – Coronavirus & COVID-19 

As the situation related to COVID-19 continues to evolve we wanted to share some of our policies and provide some general guidelines you might find helpful as you navigate the evolving situation.

Did You Know The Purple Guys Have an I.T. Super Hero On Staff?

Actually, we like to think our entire team is made up of superheroes. Aside from most being parents and appearing to seamlessly juggle work and life like an expert, we have the most expert I.T. Support people who can not only resolve the most technical challenges but are some of the nicest, most customer-oriented kind (a combination rarely seen on professional personality surveys).

Not only that, but they're also super talented too! Some can build arcade games from scratch, several are entrepreneurs, one developed an award-winning barbeque sauce and another is a PGA golf pro, a few run marathons or intense trails, and even our President can juggle competitively.

The Purple Guys featured in Forbes Magazine for Cybersecurity

Every Piece of Data is Valuable to Hackers
Almost every attack at banking and financial institutions is aimed at financial gain. Some are direct, such as the ATM and account hacks noted earlier, but others are more indirect. For instance, the PT report showed that malware attacks increased by 75 percent during the last year, collecting information such as account logins, answers to security questions, Social Security numbers, and more.

Community Support

Since before opening the highest-rated Kansas City and St. Louis I.T. Support company, The Purple Guys' founders, Jon and Jill Schram were heavily focused on making their local community a better place to work and live. They focused primarily on children's charities and have since expanded to support many different and amazing causes that impact our local communities including Newborn Safety for New Parents with Truman Medical Center, Habitat for Humanity, The Open Door Education Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters KC, Harvesters, the Urban Christian Academy, Lead to Read, TNC Community, The Susan G. Koman Foundation, the American Heart Association, Church of the Resurrection's Missionary Group, and more.

3 Lessons from 15 Years of Success

The Purple Guys are celebrating 15 years of delivering World Class I.T. Support in Kansas City! We opened our doors in October of 2001 while everyone in the country was trying to figure out how to deal with the tragic events from a month earlier. We hit $500,000 in revenue our first year.

3 Tips for Hitting #2 on iTunes! – #DearFallEP

How do you launch a new product? How do you compete in a crowded marketplace and cut through the noise to be heard? Not everyone is selling on iTunes but we all have products to launch.  Here is how an independent artist, on a shoe string budget hit # 2 on iTunes, passing Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel to get there!

Disclaimer: OK, full disclosure; I am a proud dad today, writing about the recent success of my oldest daughter, Gracie Schram.