Need ERP? Check Out our New Vendor Partner, Cetec ERP

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Technology Pointe is excited to announce our newest vendor partnership with Cetec ERP, a web-based ERP platform that allows small businesses to experience the benefits of ERP without sacrificing current profits, or future growth.

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Cetec ERP is a powerful, all-in-one platform designed to help small and mid-sized manufacturing companies transition from incomplete or makeshift software options to a more comprehensive solution. Unlike Quickbooks, Cetec allows business owners to manage inventory along with accounting and general ledger. But unlike other ERP options, it takes advantage of modern technical advances to make it more accessible, affordable, and completely cloud-based.

Do I Need ERP?

Every company’s needs are different, but there are certain indicators that could suggest when it is time for an ERP upgrade:

  • Your business needs more options than Quickbooks can provide, like inventory tracking, shop floor activities, and customer service options.
  • You notice information being lost or miscommunicated between multiple processes.
  • Frequent software outages cost you time and productivity.
  • You plan to expand to a second location and need a way to link the two offices.

Business owners who are not familiar with ERP may be reluctant to make a change, due to the perceived time and expense. However, experienced owners tend to implement a strong ERP program on day one, because they know that the right platform can be a powerful tool.

Why Cetec?

ERP technology has existed for decades, but the technology was old and inefficient. Many ERP systems are set up for much larger companies, so they can be excessive and clunky. Popular solutions like Netsuite work well, but implementing them can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which can be an unwelcome expense for newer businesses.

The developers at Cetec have spent years streamlining the traditional ERP model to make a product that is powerful and reliable, but nimble enough to be a viable option for small businesses. Creating a cloud-based product made the platform more accessible, reliable and secure, all while cutting costs dramatically.

How Do I Know if Cetec is Right for Me?

Different industries have different needs, so it is important to consider the specifics of your industry when researching ERP solutions. Cetec ERP is specifically targeted towards

manufacturing companies, but it has applications that can benefit multiple industries, including medical billing, aerospace engineering, and even food service. One of our most

reputable clients, Illumitex, specializes in grow lights and digital horticulture, and they have benefitted significantly from the Cetec platform.

Cetec helps clients track their most important business transactions, including: sales inquiries, barcode scanning, financial accounting, inventory tracking, and quality control. Since the platform is cloud-based, clients can access everything they need from a phone or tablet.

Factors like strict security requirements and slow internet connectivity can play a huge role in a software’s performance, especially when it is cloud-based. For those businesses, Cetec has an on-site version as well.

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Where Does Technology Pointe Fit In?

Based on Cetec’s technological abilities, documented history, and our own experiences, we firmly believe it to be a strong and reliable product. However, with every new software comes a certain amount of risk. Technology Pointe can help guide your company through the initial installation and implement controlled changes so that you see the maximum return for your investment. More importantly, we can help provide consulting, IT management, secure backups, and overall support for your entire business, not just ERP.

If you believe your business could benefit from an ERP upgrade, contact Technology Pointe for a free consultation. For more information on the Cetec product, you can visit their website here.

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