Architecture and Engineering Firms

Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services for Architecture and Engineering Firms

The Purple Guys has experience in supporting architecture and engineering firms with our managed IT services. We understand the technology challenges architects and engineers face and how technology solutions can transform the architectural and engineering services they provide for their clients, help them manage complex design requirements, and ensure protection of their mission-critical data.

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Managed IT Services for Architecture and Engineering Firms

To do the best work for their clients, architecture and engineering firms need modern IT architecture and security strategies for managing complex software, hardware, and communications technology. Our managed IT services are detail-oriented and innovative, empowering you to succeed in a challenging field.

The Purple Guys offer flexible and customizable service plans for architecture and engineering firms. We take a security-first approach, delivering a wide range of managed security services to protect your network from the edge to the data center.

If you work for an architecture and engineering firm that is looking to partner with a managed IT services provider, The Purple Guys can help your firm grow and meet your goals for providing quality services to your clients.

Why Partner With The Purple Guys for Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services?

At The Purple Guys, we are well versed in the types of data and compliance issues facing architecture and engineering firms. From time and billing and complex design software to the protection of client information in the event of a data breach.

We are experts in architecture and engineering IT services, having supported many firms in the Midwest and Southeast. We know how to help you deliver the most secure services to your clients.

We deliver on the Purple Promise:

Security Lock with Safety Shield

Safe and Secure

Cybersecurity is a necessity for architecture and engineering firms. With the Purple Guys, you get true 24x7x365 monitoring of your IT assets. ​

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Rapid Response

When technical issues arise, you can rely on us for fast IT support. Our specialists will address your concerns with urgency. ​

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

We fix problems with fast, friendly service, which has earned us a 97.5% customer satisfaction rating!​

Security Operations Center

Architecture and engineering firms can take advantage of our security operations center (SOC) as part of our Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services. Our SOC provides a high level of security through the latest tools and infrastructure. With our SOC, The Purple Guys can help your architecture and engineering firm meet compliance requirements whether your team is working from the office or a remote location.

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