We make IT easy for over 200 businesses in Kansas City and St. Louis

The Purple Guys offer Stress-Free IT Support to small and mid-sized businesses in Kansas City and St. Louis. We understand how frustrating it is when your IT goes down and the "IT helpdesk"​ is not very helpful. We make that go away with fast and friendly IT Support, all for a predictable price.

NoStress Billing, NoWait Response, NoLimit Access, that’s our Purple Promise.

We are only profitable when you are productive. That’s what NoStress Billing and NoLimit Access mean. We don’t bill by the hour. One predictable fee every month. You can access our IT Support as much as you need.

We make everything related to IT stress-free, so you can save time and money, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

To top it off, we have a 97.5% customer approval rating, so you and your people will love working with us.

Every minute your technology is down and you’re waiting on IT Support, your people aren’t productive and your business is losing money. Stop putting up with unreliable, frustrating, and just plain bad IT Support.

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