How an Outsourced IT Partner Can Make You a More Effective Leader

For small businesses that aren’t tech companies, finding the resources and talent to manage your I.T. systems can be a daunting challenge. As the leader of a small business or a growing startup, the majority of your time, energy, and capital is most likely invested in building and maintaining your core business functions.

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What to Outsource to an IT Support Company

Unless it’s your area of expertise, you probably lump everything that happens in your business on any tech device including computers, printers, phones, etc. into a single arena: I.T.. But that’s not entirely accurate. So what, exactly, is I.T.? What does it mean to outsource your I.T. support, and what services will the support company provide?

An I.T. support company can make sure that your platform is secure, remotely accessible, and efficient, remotely managing your I.T. infrastructure as well as your end-user systems, and some offer more services.

Feel Weird Paying Your IT Support Company by the Hour? You’re Not Alone.

Do you know exactly what your I.T. support will cost each month? Why not?

If your I.T. support company is like most, your bills can vary month to month, sometimes by thousands of dollars. This is because most I.T. support companies bill hourly for many of their services.

What the Facebook Security Breach Means for the Rest of Us

Facebook has been under fire for a while because of its handling of user data, and its recent security breach has only amplified public scrutiny. It’s the biggest in the company’s history, and has implications that reach far beyond the potential 90 million compromised accounts.

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IT Horror Stories – “I Quit” featuring a Professional Services Firm and the Internal IT Person

Imagine that you are the managing partner at a professional services firm with fifty productive employees, hundreds of clients who love you, and one I.T. guy supporting your entire technology environment. This I.T. person has been a part of the team for ten years.

Inc Magazine’s How To Prepare Your Business For The Workforce of the Future

Excerpt from Rhett Power's Inc. Magazine article featuring Kansas City and St. Louis I.T. Support experts, The Purple Guys 

2. Adapt I.T. for an increasingly remote workforce.

Employees and employers are both eager to adopt a more remote approach to work.

Need Better IT Support? Try Outsourcing

When was the last time you told your I.T. support provider that they were friendly, pleasant, quick, and thorough? Have you ever? If you don’t totally love your current setup, you might want to consider outsourcing.

To be effective, I.T. support must include network support, vendor relationship support, printing assistance, planning support, and management support.

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Never Cut IT When Slashing Business Costs. Here’s Why.

Technology can either enable and enhance your business, or end up frustrating everyone (including your tech support). It all depends on how you view your I.T. infrastructure — and how well you choose, implement, and utilize the technology.

I.T. has been a driving force behind most companies’ productivity for decades.

Did You Graduate?

As the father of a recent high school graduate it occurred to me that we all have the opportunity to “graduate” every day.

Merriam-Webster defines graduation as “the act of receiving a diploma or degree”.  So what does that diploma represent?  The accomplishment of a goal.

Rethinking the value of social media

A lot of businesses are still mystified as how to measure just what kind of value they are truly getting from social media. Because it is a medium that is still evolving, it can be hard to understand just what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media and measuring its value. In […]