Need Better IT Support? Try Outsourcing

Need Better IT Support - Try Outsourcing

When was the last time you told your IT support provider that they were friendly, pleasant, quick, and thorough? Have you ever? If you don’t totally love your current setup, you might want to consider outsourcing.

To be effective, IT support must include network support, vendor relationship support, printing assistance, planning support, and management support. These support roles often land on the shoulders of one or two individuals who constitute the IT department. Unless one of them is Superman, this is a no-win situation. One person can help only one person at a time. Only having one or two internal IT support people creates a system that is slow and ultimately ineffective.

Outsourcing your IT issues can address this problem head-on. Rather than just one or two employees trying to tackle a multitude of problems that might be outside their realms of knowledge, an outsourced IT partner can offer an entire team of highly experienced, dedicated, and readily available experts to tackle troublesome technology. You get an entire IT department and the support you need.

Outsourced vs. Internal IT Support

Outsourcing IT support to an external company can be daunting. While you now have access to a team of experts, they now have administrative access to a majority of your company’s technology. Plus, if they’re not on-site, how can you trust they will be reached in an emergency?

That’s why successful outsourced IT support requires that you place your trust in this partner to work tirelessly on behalf of your best interests. It’s understandable to have some reservations regarding the reliability of an IT support partner. But it’s far more challenging for your company and employees to place the burden of IT support on just one or two people. Ultimately, outsourcing can benefit you in myriad ways:

  1. Reliable response time

An off-site team is better positioned to respond promptly over an internal team, whereas an in-house team can help only one or two people at a time. And if your in-house IT person gets sick or is on vacation, then you can be left with no support at all. An outsourced IT department encompasses a much larger team that can help multiple people at a time. And the company will never take a sick day.

  1. Broad skill set

In addition to responding to more people faster, your outsourced IT experts will also have a wide-ranging skill set. Relying on the knowledge of just one or two individuals can put you in a tight spot if an issue arises that is outside of their expertise.

That’s where an outsourced team can make such a difference. Outsourcing gives you access to the expertise of an entire team. This provides you with an IT partner with a wide range of skills that allows them to solve virtually any problem that pops up in real time.

  1. No-hassle staffing

Finding and attracting one highly skilled IT person to your company can be challenging. Finding two can be nearly impossible. When you finally find that “needle in a haystack,” it is now your job to keep him or her as part of your team. You have to pay your skilled IT person enough to not be lured away to a more exciting job.

When you outsource your company’s IT support, staffing and recruiting are no longer your concern. Those chores fall on the consulting company, which specializes in cultivating the best talent. This creates less hassle for you and provides a greater peace of mind knowing that your IT support will be truly top-notch.

Why Rely on The Purple Guys?

We pride ourselves on providing continuous, high-quality support and services to more than 18,000 people across more than 700 organizations every day. We know that time is essential, which is why we respond to your call or support ticket right away. On-site or remote, our model gives you access to a 120-person IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Rather than billing hourly, every service we provide is included under a single fixed fee. It puts us all on the same page. If you have a recurring issue and we are spending lots of time troubleshooting, we are both frustrated. You want everything to be running smoothly. So do we. Alleviate the headaches that come with understaffed IT, and contact The Purple Guys today.

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