Top 5 Work from Home Tech Tips

Bring Your Office Home 

You can skip the bad fluorescent lighting and the cubical walls but if you are used to multiple monitors and a great keyboard, working from a laptop gets old quickly.  Most companies are allowing their team members to take home equipment from the office.

Utilizing a Remote Workforce? How Are You Protecting Your Computers and Networks Outside of Your Office?

Let's talk about Computer and Network Privacy. Do you know if your computers and networks are strongly defended? Do you have a Firewall, AntiVirus, and AntiSpam? Do you know what tools your business uses for these? Do you know if they routinely updated, maintained, and tested for quality?

If the answer is no or you're not sure because an internal I.T. person or outsourced I.T. Guy or I.T. Support company manages it for you, let us help you answer these questions.

2 Questions to Determine If You Can Trust Your IT Support Company

Your business has a lot of sensitive data about your operations, your partners, and your customers. You are likely (hopefully) doing everything you can to protect that information from hackers who want to steal it and make money off it. You’ve even hired an I.T. support company to make things more secure — unless your I.T. provider is inadvertently making you vulnerable to attack!

Many businesses, especially those too small to have an I.T. budget big enough for a robust internal defense team, turn to I.T. support companies to meet their I.T. needs.

When Your IT Goes Down, How Long Does It Take to Get Your Productivity Back Up?

Information technology is a sophisticated, multifaceted tool that touches every aspect of your business and requires regular maintenance to keep operating at full capacity.

I.T. problems can be small inconveniences like a printing issue or a full-blown catastrophe like a companywide data breach that interrupts your entire functionality, including client services.

The Purple Guys IT Support Ranked in National Most Inspiring Companies List

This month, Inc Magazine ranked 5000 of America's Fastest Growing Companies, calling them the nation's most inspiring businesses of the year. Our purple-adoring I.T. Service and Solutions Squad made the ranks amongst the incredible line-up.

The Purple Guys have also been featured in the news for growth recently, being named one of both Kansas City and St. Louis’s 2018 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies by local publications including The Kansas City Business Journal and St. Louis’s Small Business Monthly.

How to Protect Your Network and Devices From Cryptojacking

If you don’t know that your computer or server is being cryptojacked, how will you find the malware and remove it?

Unlike other forms of malware, cryptojacking doesn’t seek to disrupt your business — at least not immediately. On the contrary, its goal is to steal your processing power so that hackers can mine cryptocurrency, which the malware can accomplish only by remaining hidden as long as possible.

Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Cybersecurity

More than 159,000 data breaches occurred in 2017 alone, according to a cyber incidents and breach trends report by the Online Trust Alliance. That’s almost double the number of incidents from 2016, and if it continues, it will be much higher by the end of 2018.

Most of these reported incidents involved stolen credit card information, Social Security numbers, and passwords.

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