Selecting an IT Managed Service Provider

3 Things to Consider

  1. Alignment with your Industry
  2. Proactive Approach
  3. Financial Stability and Reputation

Setting the Stage


In the eyes of today’s Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), embracing new technologies such as mobile, cloud and analytics is one of the key strategic priorities for increasing engagement with their clients. This undertaking falls on the person responsible  for their business’s technology, and they are being asked to adopt these new technologies utilizing less resources and less expertise than a managed service provider. This pressure will persist as the business continues to grow, making it difficult for the IT person or organization to continue to go it alone.   At some point, a company will look to trust an IT managed service provider for assistance in quickly responding to business demands and in helping them adopt new technological innovations.

Three Topics

  1. Alignment with your Industry:
  2. Having an IT Managed Service Provider that is focused on your industry is important.   Do they have a dedicated team focused in your industry? Does their CIO on that team have experience with your industry? You will want a provider that is experienced in supporting your line of business applications and in understanding your IT challenges.
  • Proactive Approach:
  • Ask whether the IT Managed Service Provider has a break/fix mentality or a proactive approach to maintaining your end-user devices and network. Make sure they go beyond simple monitoring and device management. Do they perform any analytics to drive incident prevention lower? Your provider should employ backend technology that can automate processes and solutions across your workloads.
  • Financial Stability and Reputation:
  • Whether you are considering a short or long-term strategic relationship, your IT Managed Service Provider’s financial stability is crucial. How long have they been in business is not a reliable predictor of future longevity. Ask to review their annual reports and financial statements. Get them to back up their claims with client references.

Why choose Technology Pointe as your IT Managed Service Provider?

  1. Alignment with your Industry:
  2. We have dedicated teams for (AEC) Architecture, Engineering and Construction and Manufacturing businesses.   Each team has their own dedicated (CIO) Chief Information Officer focused solely on a particular industry. These teams understand their client’s IT challenges and know how to address them in a timely manner. With several years of experience supporting these industries, we have learned the do’s and don’ts, and can confidently direct our clients towards the most efficient and beneficial IT strategy.
  • Proactive Approach:
  • We provide Business Analytics reports to our clients on quarterly basis during our (QBR) Quarterly Business Reviews. At these QBRs we provide strategic business planning and ideas with budgets to address future needs.
  • We provide back-end monitoring, as well as complex back-end automation to help solve issues should they arise. A great example would be when systems have diskspace issues. When those alerts occur, we initiate specific automated tasks to free-up diskspace. No more late-night outages.
  • Financial Stability and Reputation:
  • Our financial stability has improved year over year.   Our CPA recently asked how we were able to improve our business financials so much over the last three years.   The answer was an easy…we improved our client experience, which improved our client retention, resulting in financial solidity.
  • We have a great industry-focused list of client references available upon request. They are very open and willing to share their experience of Technology Pointe Inc. as their IT Managed Service Provider.

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