Why Your Company Should Use IT Consulting Services

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Many companies turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to outsource routine management, monitoring, and maintenance tasks that they may not have the staffing resources to cover. However, more organizations should explore the benefits of adopting IT consulting services from their MSP.

IT consulting services allow companies to outsource guidance for building and executing technology strategies. Working with an IT consultant is a cost-effective way to take advantage of broad experience and expertise to develop strategies for technology modernization, security, and compliance.

An Extension of Your Business

If your company is lacking the right technology, security, and compliance expertise, working with an IT consultant is a cost-efficient approach to augmenting your IT team to bridge the skills gap. An IT consultant works on an as-needed basis, preventing your company from having to hire a full-time salaried employee to lead technology projects.

The IT consultant can also save you money by helping with budget planning for IT projects. The consultant can even mediate between your company and technology vendors, ensuring you get the best value on leading solutions.

IT consultants serve as an extension of your team, developing plans for implementing new technologies and protecting data and the network. A consultant will engage in deep conversations with your business to ensure that any technology roadmaps meet your budget and align with company goals.

Developing a Network Security Plan

With hackers constantly finding new ways to breach company systems, organizations need to develop comprehensive network security strategies. Companies are facing increased risk to the network and data in transit because of the popularity of remote and hybrid workplaces, as well as the cloud.

An IT consultant can work with your company to understand your risk landscape and build a custom security plan. IT consultants will have had experience working with many types of organizations and helping them defend against all kinds of threats to the network, including malware and spyware attacks.

This experience, combined with certified security expertise, will empower the consultant to build a strategy using a cybersecurity framework that makes sense for your business. The consultant’s role can encompass planning, implementation, and support of the security strategy.

Staying Compliant

Compliance regulations are becoming stricter and harder to follow. Organizations in healthcare must follow HIPAA regulations that control the access of patient information. Companies in finance need to adhere to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) regulations for financial reporting. Any company that processes credit cards is subject to PCI compliance.

Working with an IT consultant makes meeting compliance easier. An IT consultant will understand industry-specific compliance regulations and how to store and secure data while maintaining access records for audits. Drawing on this specialized expertise could prevent your company from failing an audit and being fined for non-compliance.

Finding the Right IT Consultant

Ideally, the MSP you currently work with will also offer IT consulting services. This enables your company to create the right mix of managed IT and consulting services. Having a local MSP ensures that the consultant can advise you both remotely and on-premises.

The Purple Guys is an MSP delivering trouble-free IT in the Midwest and the South. Our IT Consulting Services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Setup
  • Full Support
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Software Migration

Our seasoned consultants can advise your company on creating roadmaps for network security strategies and compliance. The Purple Guys IT Consulting Services are part of our broad managed IT services offerings that include Cybersecurity, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and much more.

Why Turn to The Purple Guys for Consulting Services

The Purple Guys have a proven methodology for successfully delivering our services. Proof of our success is in the numbers:

  • <30 Minutes Response Time
  • 80% of Tickets Resolved Within 1 Hour
  • 97.6% Average Customer Satisfaction Rating

Unlike traditional technology solution providers, The Purple Guys take a team approach. Each team operates as a self-sufficient IT provider that covers all the necessary core disciplines. ​

We provide 5 Pillars of Support:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Reactive Support
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity
  • Network and Security Administration
  • Proactive Management

Our Technology Consulting includes a dedicated virtual CIO (vCIO) and monthly health reports, along with roadmaps and solution design.

Discover the benefits IT Consulting Services can bring to your business. Request a Managed IT Services Proposal from The Purple Guys.

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