How We Get You Up and Running In The Complete Cloud™

Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 locations, The Purple Guys can set up your dental practice in The Complete Cloud™ where you’ll have full visibility of all of your data and images across all your locations — no matter where you are.

You’ll no longer need to rely on expensive local servers, costly internet bandwidth charges to connect locations, or workstations that need to be refreshed every few years. Instead, all your applications and appliances will be powered by The Complete Cloud™ that offers you a more robust and scalable platform to support your ever-growing business with less capital outlay. And, there are no more hardware limitations — you have an unlimited resource platform for your business.

The Complete Cloud™ from The Purple Guys enables you to:

How Hard Is It Get My Practice into The Complete Cloud™?

It’s not.

We work with you to get you into The Complete Cloud™ in as little as four weeks — with little or no interruption to your daily operations. The Purple Guys provides full transparency and all the specialists needed to get you to The Complete Cloud™ with a super-simple four-step process that means a seamless transition.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Operations

In short: Project plan created, timelines established

We’ll schedule a convenient time for a kickoff meeting where we’ll:

  • Discuss what our technology does, what the next four weeks will look like, and how that affects your schedule
  • Establish timelines and milestones to ensure that there is little to no interruptions to your business operations getting you into The Complete Cloud™
  • Drill into your business operations so that we can align those with The Complete Cloud™ so that our technology works with your business instead of forcing you to fit into the technology

Step 2: Creating Your Cloud

In short: We provision your private cloud environment

This is when things start getting exciting. In this second step we’ll:

  • Perform a remote initial copy of all your applications and data — typically on a weekend, after hours. All you need to do is plug in the drives and we’ll make sure we can see them on the server
  • Conduct a full replication of all the data from your site — this includes all your software applications and corporate data
  • Begin to provision your private secure cloud environment within our highly secured data centers

Step 3: Onsite Connections

In short: Our onsite cloud engineers and software specialists get your locations set up

We’re approaching zero day and need to accomplish a great deal onsite. We’ll send our software specialists and cloud engineers to your practice locations — usually on a Thursday night through Monday morning — where they’ll:

  • Gather the data that has changed since our original snapshot, which is usually two weeks worth, and merge it into the cloud environment so that when you come back on Monday morning, everything is as it was when you left on Thursday
  • Connect all your locations, workstations, and peripherals like the intra-oral cameras, signature pads and credit card machines to The Complete Cloud™
  • Convert the network over, make sure the tunnel works, set up email in the cloud
  • Go through the due diligence checklist we created during our initial meetings


Step 4: Onsite Onboarding

In short: Go live in The Complete Cloud™

The day has come. It’s time to go live and introduce your staff to The Complete Cloud™. On a Monday morning, pre-scheduled as a light practice time, we’ll:

  • Provide a smooth hand-off with little to no changes to your operations
  • Show your practice how to access the cloud and get them to your programs
  • Stress test the machines and make sure everything works as you need
  • Make custom tweaks if needed to make sure everyone’s happy
  • Leave you documentation on how to contact support or submit a ticket if the need arises

What Sets Us Apart from Other “Partial” Cloud Hosting Solutions

We’re not just a cloud hosting provider — we’ve got it all — and we streamline support.

We’re a team of diverse specialists, including dental software specialists, systems engineers, data center cloud experts, and security specialists who specialize in multi-location dental practices and provide the expertise to keep your systems up and running. We’re all under one roof and provide support whenever it’s needed and in whatever area you need it. Should an issue arrive, simply call us. If you have a software question, call us. A cloud question? Give us a call.

We’re fully invested in your business and — because we understand every nook and cranny of what goes on in your dental offices — we know the specialists you need access to. So, they’re on our team to support your team.

The The Purple Guys team will maintain support and provide all your upgrades to your applications, ensure your data is protected and compliant. You can count on us to take full responsibility of system and software updates, security, and compatibility — without downtime — with full business continuity in the case of disasters.

Who Benefits from The Complete Cloud™?

Your entire team!

  • Business owners enjoy cost savings, avoid major capital expenses, and revel in the freedom to grow with ease
  • IT managers and office managers gain endless resources, simplified infrastructure, and peace of mind
  • And staff can continue working on their familiar desktops — with no training necessary!

Going to cloud gives you a reduction in equipment if you want, but that’s really just a bonus. The bigger benefits include:

  • Centralization of all imaging that can then be accessed from all locations in real time
  • Centralization of scheduling across all locations
  • Operational efficiency: In every practice that’s moved to The Complete Cloud™, there’s always been an operational service that the practice has been able to enhance

Let’s Talk

For a predictable, fixed monthly fee, rely on our expertise in dental software, data center clouds, systems, and security and compliance. Let us help you transform your dental practice and expand your business.

Contact us if you are ready to experience everything The Complete Cloud™ has to offer, get started today.


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