Boost Operational Efficiency with a Complete Dental Technology Solution

Want More Backbone to Drive Your Business?

You train your staff for efficiency, right? Can you do the same for your computer network?
Are you ahead or behind with your backbone technology?

Are you drowning in technology, looking for data in the wrong place? Tired of seeing IT interrupt your world? Spending time shepherding your staff through yet another IT call where nothing gets done?

None of this enhances efficiency — and efficiency’s what you need to keep your practice running smoothly and the revenue coming in.

Let’s Look at Technology Behind the Scenes

When digital x-rays became available, did you wait to get them? Today, would you open a new practice without digital x-rays?

It was 1957 when the Airotor, a high-speed air-driven contra-angle handpiece, was introduced by John Borden, immediately “launching a new era of high-speed dentistry.” Think about where you’d be without it today. And, in 2004, fewer than 25% of dentists used chair-side computers. We’ve come a long way since then.

The majority of dental practices today use a plethora of technology, including:

  • Hardware: computers, digital x-rays, cameras, intraoral cameras, imaging tools, laptops, tablets, network, server
  • Clinical applications: charting, imaging, diagnosis and treatment, patient education
  • Administrative applications: word processing, spreadsheets, email, backup management, scheduling, patient records, insurance claims, HR, accounting
  • Dental practice management software, but since none is really a complete dental technology solution, you’ve probably added additional software

Technology = Efficiency? Not Always

Sure. The advent of dental and administrative software has improved efficiency, making it easier to schedule patients, eliminate paper charts, and almost instantly see the health of a tooth via imaging.

But, it’s also created headaches because of the complexity involved in needing to do so many things across an array of programs/locations. Think about it. You probably have software that deals with:

  • Patient records
  • Scheduling
  • Invoices
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Image management, intraoral cameras
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • OSHA/infection control
  • Marketing
  • Insurance claims
  • Treatment planning

And maybe some of that software is on one computer while other software is on another and still more resides on tablets or smartphones. This means it can be hard to find the data you need when you need it, which cuts into your productivity, leaving you less efficient than before.

Accessibility, Security, HIPAA, and Backups

But finding the data you need is just one of challenges. The setup of a compliant, secure network with appropriate hardware and devices brings its own obstacles, as does the need to comply with HIPAA’s 75 security controls to secure applications, databases, and systems that contain electronic protected health information.

And then there’s the issue of backups. Have you encrypted them? Ensured you can restore the data? Stored them offsite?


How Many Problems Does Moving to Cloud Software Solve?

It’s likely you’ve heard that companies are moving to cloud software to boost efficiency, save costs, and grow revenue, but what you might not have heard about are the additional challenges that come with such a move.

Those are good pieces in the big-puzzle picture, but they miss a very important point. When you run your own server racks or participate in the public cloud you’re the one left responsible for a slew of crucial tasks.

You need to:

  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Configure the software
  • Conduct and test your backups
  • Invest in hardware
  • Maintain the hardware
  • Fix problems as they arise
  • Deal with downtime

That means these “partial” cloud options take a big time and IT investment — not necessarily something you want to invest in when you could focus on growing your practice instead.

Enter The Complete Cloud™

The Complete Cloud™ — a powerful backbone technology with a 99.9% uptime guarantee — is a complete dental technology solution. It enables you to migrate to a fully managed environment for a predictable, fixed monthly rate. Your private cloud connects you to resources and support that were once only available to large businesses and dental operations.

With The Complete Cloud™ you have 24/7 access to your data and programs. Work can continue with no interruptions and you won’t need to have your staff sitting around doing little when the network you use now goes down.

And, because The Complete Cloud™ is a managed service, you can forget the headaches of hardware maintenance, software upgrades, and HIPAA because we take on that time-consuming drudgery.

Benefits of the The Complete Cloud™

The benefits of a complete dental technology solution are numerous and can be yours with no disruptions in only a few days. Boost your efficiency now and:

Stay Secure & Compliant

  • Advanced physical data center protection
  • Multi-level military-grade encryption
  • Enterprise-grade protection against inbound and outbound virtual threats
  • Fully compliant network and servers (including email)
  • End-to-end compliance from applications to facilities

Reduce Costs

  • Extend the life of existing hardware and equipment
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Fixed budget pricing

Ease of Use

  • All the programs you already use; no training needs
  • Remote access from any device, anywhere
  • Integrate imaging, x-rays, and intraoral cameras with your secure Cloud and instantly access them from any workstation or practice location!
  • Complete management from user desktops, applications, appliances, storage, networks

Your Backups Are Ready When Disaster Strikes

  • Live-to-the-second encrypted backup and replication
  • Disaster Protection Planning and Rapid Recovery
  • Your system tested and updated in minutes

Why The Purple Guys?

The Purple Guys has tailored The Complete Cloud™ to the needs of dental practices. We’ve built it to seamlessly support your unique legacy applications and appliances.

With The Complete Cloud™ you get unlimited, 24/7/365 remote US support from our specialists in practice management applications and dental software, our SQL and Windows Server experts and access to our network, storage, and security engineers.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Your own team of cloud experts, with 15 years experience integrating dental technology
  • 24/7/365 U.S. support
  • Proactive Maintenance Monitoring and Rapid Response
  • Expertise in dental vertical and cloud hosting support
  • The Purple Guys on your team, working for your success

When you’ve had it with the hassles and need to boost efficiency, contact us today.


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