Overcome Expansion Challenges with a Dental Management System

Want to expand but find things holding you back?

What if we told you it’s relatively easy to overcome your practice expansion challenges? Would you counter with a list of why that’s not possible similar to the one below?

  • There are significant IT challenges that accompany multi-location practices, especially when it comes to imaging and x-rays
  • Dealing with complicated security and compliance regulations is hard enough to do in one location
  • Integrating data from multiple locations is challenging — sometimes someone who needs access can’t get at it
  • The costs and complexity of managing IT and keeping computers and apps up-to-date is growing, and we just don’t have the staff to get it all done in even one location
  • It’s getting more expensive to upgrade servers and, even in a single location, it takes too much time to upgrade and patch necessary but ever-changing software

And, you might continue, those are only the hardware and IT issues. What about the new staff in the new locations?

  • How can we afford to license all the tools they need to meet the demands of their jobs?
  • How can we ensure those programs and apps are up-to-date, compliant and secure?
  • How will the hygienists, dentists, finance people, marketers, and HR all meet the demands of their roles to ensure all aspects of the different practice locations run smoothly?
  • What about insurance verification in multiple locations?
  • How can we manage patient scheduling and optimize the schedules of various locations to ensure we’re treating the most patients possible?

Well, we’ll tell you now. Fret no more.

We can eliminate those concerns and make it easier than ever to expand to multiple locations.

Imagine what you could accomplish if all your legacy applications, imaging, email, data, and business software were 100% integrated, available, and accessible from all your desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones no matter where they are. And, imagine achieving all this while saving big on your IT expenses.

A complete dental management system can make all this possible, and we can help.

Cloud-based technology helps dentists manage all aspects of their practice, even x-rays and imaging.
Cloud-based technology helps dentists manage all aspects of their practice, including x-rays and imaging.

How The Purple Guys and The Complete Cloud™ Help You

An online dental management system helps you improve communication, service, charting, scheduling, security, compliance, and more — even among separate locations. You can integrate imaging, x-rays, and intraoral cameras with your secure cloud and you and the employees you designate can instantly access all or some of them from any workstation or practice location. Think of the efficiency that brings.

The Purple Guys has deep expertise in dental IT, including Dentrix Enterprise and other top dental practice management systems. We understand your practice and make every element of it cloud-ready — from patient scheduling and rebooking; to imaging, invoicing, and verifying insurance; to payroll and HR needs.

Our complete online dental management system is tailored specifically for dental practices and the complexities they face. Even better? It’s built to seamlessly support your legacy applications and appliances. That means all the applications you already use can be moved to a secure, private cloud that’s accessible from anywhere.

Do It All With A Unique Cloud-based Online Dental Management System

So go ahead; build out your practice. Give yourself and your employees all the tools everyone needs to do their job and run the business effectively. With automatic data backup and a cloud-based online dental management system, you’ll:

  • Have the tools handle daily storage, record keeping, business transactions, and other essential tasks
  • Be able to complete day-to-day tasks without hassles
  • Access all patient and practice information and images via web-based browsers
  • Be able to use your desktops, workstations, tablets, smartphones from any location

Save employees time, effort, and money by making it easier to get the job done. Get your practices running smoothly with all back-end necessities easily accessible.

Your Data Is Secure and Compliant with Our Online Dental Management System

No matter how many locations you expand to, know that your data on our online dental management system is extremely secure and always compliant with multiple regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, and more.

We know what a challenge it can be to stay current in the ever-changing landscape of compliance issues and data security. That’s why we take on that burden for you — freeing up your time to get into that next location. We provide:

  • Advanced, compliant, physical data center protection
  • Multi-level, military-grade encryption
  • Enterprise-grade protection against inbound and outbound virtual threats
  • Live-to-the-second backups and automatic redundancy and failover
  • Fully compliant network and servers (including email)

Simplify compliance and security and protect your practices without lifting a finger.

Improve patient care and the customer experience.
With the right IT system, you can keep client data safe and manage patients efficiently.

Other Benefits of an Online Dental Management System

Many dental practices are turning to a cloud-based online dental management system to save IT costs and maintain private servers. And, online dental management systems let you add or eliminate services easily, so when you want to open at a new location, it’s easy to give the staff there all the access they need.

In addition, with The Purple Guys, you’ll experience the following benefits.

Out-of-this-world Support

  • Your own team of cloud experts, with 15 years experience integrating dental technology
  • 24/7/365 support for US-based practices
  • Proactive maintenance monitoring and rapid response
  • A fully managed environment for a flat, fixed monthly rate

Enhanced Performance

  • Reliable 99.9% uptime
  • Your system is tested and updated in minutes
  • A network you can rely on
  • Rapid disaster recovery

The Ability to Focus on Your Business and Reduce IT Costs

  • Break free from the downtime of onsite hardware
  • Connect onsite hardware to the cloud so that even if your hardware goes down, you have backups
  • Lose the hassles that come with trying to keep your network up and running and the software up-to-date

Grow at your own pace with The Complete Cloud™ from The Purple Guys. Easily scale your resources and expand to more locations at any time. And enjoy an annual cost savings of between 25% and 50%.

Your private cloud that contains all you need for your online dental management system connects you to resources and support that were once only available to large businesses and dental operations.

When you’re ready to focus on growing your practice and increasing revenues, remember to focus on increasing what you need. The Complete Cloud™ lets you do that. Contact us today to learn more.

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