Why The Complete Cloud™ Is the Backbone to Support Your Growing Practice

Why Do Growing Practices Need a Backbone Technology?

Like all the different cars on a train, you use many different software packages and applications to run your practice. You might have a program for patient information and scheduling, another for accounting, and yet another for imaging. And, just like the train, the better the engine technology, the better the performance.

The emergence of ‘backbone technology’ such as The Complete Cloud™ delivers dental practices the ability to grow with a streamlined high performance technology practice — stress free. With The Complete Cloud™ you don’t need all those servers across multiple locations, and you don’t have to deal with the cost and headaches of maintaining and upgrading them every three to five years. All your programs and all your data are stored in the cloud, which brings several advantages.

Experience the Benefits Today

More and more dental practices need a complete dental technology solution, in large part because it’s easier to set up and use, more secure, and considerably more cost effective.

As Martin Jablow, DMD, says, “It is inevitable that we will all eventually move our office data to the cloud while making access to our data easier and eliminate our backup and hardware headaches.”

You'll be smiling when you discover the benefits of The Complete Cloud™.
The benefits of using The Complete Cloud™ will keep dentists, employees and patients happy.

Some cloud software packages help relieve some of the burden, but what about all the privacy, compliance and security issues? And, what do you do with all those images and the legacy software you already use?

Why The Complete Cloud™ Is the Perfect Solution for Growth-Driven Dental Operations

There are many clouds and many companies that host online dental software, but they’re no match for The Complete Cloud™ , the backbone technology from MBS Secure. That’s because we get the complexities of dental practices and understand their specific needs. Not only are we cloud and IT experts, we also have deep expertise in dental IT, especially when it comes to multiple locations.

Finding technology experts to add to your team is no trivial task, but when you choose The Complete Cloud™ it means we’ll take care of all the back-end IT drudgery so you can focus on growing your practice — and we can even help you do it in less time and for less money than you might imagine.

To achieve ALL the cloud benefits you need a complete solution. You need The Complete Cloud™ that provides:

  • Your own private cloud in a secure data center so everything is safe, and nothing is shared
  • Complete security and regulatory compliance
  • Multi-level, military-grade encryption
  • Virtual threat detection
  • A network you can count on with guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Live-to-the-second backups
  • Multi-site backups
  • Replication of your systems within minutes — not hours or days
  • Support and proactive monitoring of all the hardware and software
  • A fully managed environment for a predictable flat fixed monthly rate

Even better? The Complete Cloud™ boasts incredible cost performance. You could experience of annual cost savings up to 50%.

What Can I Do in The Complete Cloud™?

Your private cloud connects you to resources and support that were once only available to large businesses and dental operations. You’ll be able to streamline and drive your technology workflow and practice operations with no interruptions. We can get you up and running in two to four days.

And, there’s nothing new. We’ll migrate your existing software into The Complete Cloud™, so you’ll still have everything you’re used to and so will your staff.

Once your applications and appliances are in The Complete Cloud™, you’ll find all of them in one place and:

  • You‘ll be able to access everything you need anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • You won’t need to pay for hardware repairs anymore
  • You won’t have to struggle through unplanned, often expensive downtime
  • We’ll take care of all the security and compliance issues
  • You’ll gain time to focus on growing your practice

Who Benefits from The Complete Cloud™?

Your entire practice can benefit from online dental software and practice management in The Complete Cloud™. Here’s how:

  • The practice owner gains freedom to grow thanks to cost savings; expansion becomes easier and less costly
  • Your IT team gains many additional resources, simplified infrastructure, and rapid disaster recovery
  • Employees can still work on their desktops so there’s no training needed
  • Office managers gain access to all the tools they need — all in one space
You can integrate imaging and x-rays in The Complete Cloud.
Don’t worry, x-ray and imaging integration is available in The Complete Cloud™ too.

What About Imaging?

If you don’t have x-rays and charts available to you when you’re not in the office and a patient calls in pain, it’s a disservice to the patient,” says Antigone Skoulas, DMD. Well, that’s not an issue in The Complete Cloud™.

With your online dental software in The Complete Cloud™ it’s easy to integrate imaging, x-rays, and intra-oral cameras into your secure private cloud. This means you can easily and instantly access them from any and all practice locations and any workstation.

Imagine how pleasurable it will be to communicate with and check on your patients, even if you’re not in the office. Imagine how grateful they’ll be and what they’ll tell their friends. That’s what can happen when you’re in The Complete Cloud™.

Ready to Bring Your Practice to the Next Level?

If you’re ready to save thousands, expand your practice, and easily access and share data among multiple locations, contact us today. We’ll listen to your needs and help you find solutions.

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