Top Benefits of Partnering with an MSSP

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

The United States alone had a 57% spike in cyberattacks in 2022. That equates to nearly 1,000 attacks on organizations every week. The sheer number of cybersecurity threats at the moment is at an all-time high and affects almost every industry. With the world becoming even more reliant on technology each year, there’s no sign that the number of attacks will decrease any time soon.

And yet, guarding against cyberattacks remains challenging and complex. Cybersecurity remains burdensome and elusive for many organizations as they now attempt to navigate complex software solutions, rapidly deploy patches and updates, and effectively scale internal IT teams.

That’s where a qualified managed security service provider (MSSP) can make a difference.

What Is an MSSP?

An MSSP is an IT and cybersecurity outsourcing option for companies with significant tech requirements and cybersecurity risks, which describes most brands today.

MSSPs provide customized managed IT solutions for their client companies by operating as IT services managers that create comprehensive, tailored tech and cybersecurity strategies. MSSPs establish, monitor, and manage security systems for brands and include a variety of IT services, such as:

  • Consulting services
  • Setting up firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Scanning for threats
  • Training personnel to use security tools
  • Addressing security compliance

In addition to these proactive measures, a third-party managed IT services provider delivers 24/7 rapid response IT support for any attacks or breaches that occur.

MSSPs offer a middle-ground solution for small and medium-sized organizations that aren’t large enough to support a full-scale IT department. However, even for larger companies with more resources, MSSPs are a cost-effective way to maintain an effective degree of cybersecurity as threats evolve and cyberattack trends change.

The Cybersecurity Benefits of Prioritizing MSSP

The wide range of cybersecurity services an MSSP offers translates into several key benefits that can help a company safely operate with greater long-term efficiency and productivity.

Catch Issues Quickly

Downtime due to cybersecurity threats is never ideal because it can derail projects and leave employees scrambling to complete their work. The most effective way to minimize downtime from cyberattacks is to identify and take steps to prevent an attack as soon as possible.

MSSPs offer a proactive, round-the-clock approach to cybersecurity. Advanced monitoring and rapid responses drastically minimize cyber threat detection time.

Cultivate a Safe Work Environment

Many risks come with operating in the new, internet-dependent work world. Both on-site and remote teams take on risk by using technology throughout their business operations.

An MSSP enables your team to operate safely and confidently, even in virtual environments. Team members can access secure cloud-based workspaces and collaborate within that space without fear of being interrupted by constant cyberattacks.

Streamline and Focus on Strengths

Outsourcing an area such as IT takes cybersecurity concerns off your plate. Moreover, working with an MSSP enables you to do this without fear of negative repercussions to your business, team, or customers.

An MSSP frees up the company’s resources and copious amounts of time required to onboard, train, and retain IT personnel, empowering you and your team members to focus on the areas of your company where you excel.

Reduce Risk and Lower Liability

Cybercrime presents a substantial risk to a company’s sensitive data, which is now becoming a major liability that businesses, both large and small, must take steps to address to ensure they can survive.

MSSPs offer a strong degree of cybersecurity, minimize collateral damage, and shorten recovery times. In addition, they ensure your cybersecurity strategy remains up-to-date with regulations and reduce the liability of basic business activities.

Partnering With an MSSP to Improve Your Business

From experienced consulting and forward-thinking strategies to cutting-edge tools and services, working with an MSSP like The Purple Guys can help you prioritize cybersecurity at every stage of your business’s operations.

If your company is at risk of cybersecurity attacks, we can help you create a customized cybersecurity strategy to keep your company and its data safe at each stage of growth.

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