The Benefits Of A Network Security Plan

Network Security Plan

Let’s talk about the benefits of a network security plan. It seems as though we hear about network hackers and network breaches happening among corporations more often than not, also meaning the personal data of these corporations’ employees and customers have been stolen as well. Cybercriminals are consistently searching for new ways to breach the security systems of the largest companies in the world, however, they will literally take anything they can gain access to; Sometimes, it may be easier for them to attack small businesses that do not have the appropriate level of security to thwart their attacks on the network. Nevertheless, hiring the services of a knowledgeable IT service company is your best bet for protecting the personal information of your customers and your organization.

20% of all small businesses become victims of cyber attacks, with only 40% of those companies remaining in business after a security breach. Every small business owner needs to understand the importance of establishing a secure network, the different types of network security threats, and how to prevent damage from inevitably happening. A disaster recovery plan is key for any organization’s important resources so that all confidential data is protected and available, even when the worst happens.

Network Security and Your Business

The best network security systems will apply a combination of hardware & software solutions to find and stop a broad range of cyber threats- before they’re capable of infecting your network. The easiest way to do this is for any organization is to contact an IT specialist in Shreveport to set up a range of programs that will work together to keep your network safe from intrusions. This will require you to install one or more of the following:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware applications
  • Firewalls with tailored rule structures
  • Virtual private network setup
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems

(These are especially important if any of your employees access your network remotely)

Common Network Security Threats

Your network will face a variety of security threats on a daily basis including malware, spyware, viruses, and more. Any of these problems can occur in your network through a random email or the click of a link. Hackers can potentially seize your system and then demand a ransom, or they can infiltrate your network to see where any sensitive files are stored followed by stealing your sensitive data. After identifying any vulnerable areas in your network, hackers can further gather company and customer data over a long period of time including social security numbers, credit card information, or any stored passwords. The best network security plan would be capable of preventing these programs from gaining unauthorized access to your network and quickly restoring operations if any problems do arise.

How A Small Business Can Benefit From Network Security

Along with keeping your network up and running, hiring an IT service company can bring other benefits to small businesses:

  • Enabling employees to secure remote workspaces.
  • Expanding and enhancing your network depending on your specialized environment.
  • Complying with regulations established by the government and your company’s industry.
  • Protecting sensitive customer data for your organization’s health.
  • Securing remote network access which encourages more collaboration among employees, as well as strengthening communication links to your company’s clients.
  • Reducing your organization’s liability in the unfortunate event of a security breach.
  • If a breach does happen to occur, your overall recovery time will be much shorter.

The Cost of a Security Breach

It only takes one network security breach to take down your entire company. Clients are increasingly reluctant to do business with companies that have had security problems in the past. The cost to your business is, on average, $130 per stolen record, and this type of unexpected expense can bankrupt the company. Your organization would then have to spend even more money to reestablish your brand’s reputation in the eyes of your clients. It is always better to strengthen your network security protocol before anything detrimental does occur.

Setting Up Infrastructure Usage Rules

Your IT services company is in charge of designing and implementing network security protocols within your company’s network. This will involve having control over the data that users, both staff and clients, will have access to, along with setting up password authentication and firewalls. The IT specialist is then able to block access to particularly harmful websites, as well as work to prevent any installation or usage of *certain applications that could pose a threat to your organization’s network infrastructure. With an experienced IT specialist on board, your organization will be more prepared & able to monitor employees who are violating company computer policies and correct the behavior or take appropriate action.

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