How the Purple Guys Handle IT Support Recruiting & Attract Great Talent

IT support recruiting

How exactly does the purple guys manage to handle IT support recruiting while also being able to attract great talent? Well, there are several ways in which this actually happens, and we are going to explore what goes on with this whole recruiting process.

Reputation Helps IT Support Recruiting

The first point we need to mention is that reputation in the industry counts for so much when it comes to IT support recruiting. The Purple Guys have spent a considerable amount of time building their own reputation that any new recruits are already aware of the high standards their work must meet in order to be involved in the company.

That in itself means only the best talent will be drawn to the company. The weight of expectation place on their shoulders means only those with the confidence and ability will be able to get through.

After all, a reputation takes a long time to build, and only a short time to destroy.

The Keys to IT Support Recruiting That Leads to the Best Talent

But aside from reputation, there are several other keys that play a role in IT support recruiting that will be attractive to potential employees.

One clear example is the way in which the Purple Guys seek to be very attentive to their staff and their needs. Knowing the company you work for watches out for you, and seeks to look after you, is clearly a real draw.

Another key aspect is the message that is put out there into the marketplace. A clearly defined message as to what the Purple Guys do as a business means the right people will apply for the job in the first place.

Being clear in the details allows people to know in advance if they have the required skills to work with the Purple Guys.

The message that is put out there states that the Purple Guys offers managed services within the IT industry to their clients. However, there’s one other point, and it’s the knowledge that you are dealing with a human being behind a keyboard who has encountered certain difficulties.

Having that understanding as to the importance of the correct customer service is important. After all, without customers, you have nothing.

How This All Relates to the Right Talent

So, how does all of this relates to bringing in the right talent? Well, this is easy to explain.

If an individual knows what is expected of them in advance, then there are no shocks. The knowledge that the Purple Guys are focused on not only IT support, technology, and managed services but also wonderful customer service will allow a potential employee to see where they would sit in the company.

But don’t forget about the importance of a reputation to uphold as that is also important with IT support recruiting.

The Days of the Grumpy IT Guy are Gone

The actual days of the grumpy IT guy are gone, well not entirely. However, they are certainly not welcome at the Purple Guys and will not get a foot in the door.

Instead, the bedside manner of the managed IT services professional is more important than ever before when dealing with recruiting. Being able to fix the technology is important, but how the client is handled is on the same level.

So, the Purple Guys look at not only the qualifications of the individual, but also their personality. How do they deal with people? How do they deal with frustration or when a client is having difficulty understanding anything?

This is all about the complete package, so having the skills from a technical perspective is fine, but if you don’t have the ability to work with clients, then the Purple Guys will not be the company for you.

That is how this company attracts the best talent, and also how they go about the selection process. So, is this something that could work for you? Contact us today.

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