The “March” on Bugs… and we’re not talking about insects

“To Server and Protect”

As the middle of March approaches, there is a not-as-well-known holiday that The Purple Guys find worthy of a grand celebration that pairs well with wine and Cheers! The month of March is widely known for green because of Ireland’s St. Patrick, but have you heard about Finland’s St. Urho?

Finland’s Patron Saint Urho is famous for fighting off grasshoppers who were destroying the nation’s grape crop and therefore threatening their beloved wine production. Like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, St. Urho drove the grasshoppers out of Finland. The grape farmers and wine lovers were so thankful, they commemorated his brave bug fighting by designating March 16th as his very own holiday, St. Urho’s Day.

This holiday became recognized and widely celebrated throughout North America by Finnish Minnesotans in the 1950s and in fact, the celebratory color of St. Urho’s Day is purple – isn’t that grape?

“Cheers to you St. Urho!” – from one group of brave purple bug fighters to another.

Like St. Urho gave peace-of-mind to Finland’s grape crop farmers and wine lovers, The Purple Guys delivers the same to small and mid-sized businesses throughout Kansas City and St. Louis, with our Stress-Free IT Support. Except, we’re not claiming any hero title, that recognition is for our customers.

Our customers opened their businesses with a purpose and we’re so honored to be able to partner as their outsourced IT department and support and serve their people every day. With our all-inclusive managed IT services, we’re able to proactively keep our customers’ systems proactively protected from malicious cyber bugs through our advanced cybersecurity monitoring. We strive to keep productivity high, preventing unnecessary downtime and resolving IT issues quickly so our people can continue their missions and achieve their inspiring business goals.

It’s a fact that technology breaks down but you, your people, and your business shouldn’t have to. When our customers are facing a bug or any IT problem, and we mean ANY technology related issue including issues with software or apps third-party vendors, your people simply call or ping us directly from their easy-to-use customer portal and we respond with speedy permanent solutions to save the day. It’s that simple.

We also follow your custom IT plan and people’s communication preferences regarding how we handle our services, outreach, and follow-up. Don’t like calls, no problem, we’ll resolve everything through messaging. Don’t want to be bothered while you’re working? No problem, we’ll take care of it over lunch or when you leave for the day. Love calls and you want to see how we’re resolving your IT issues? That’s great, we can be on the phone with you or in person throughout the entire process.

You shouldn’t have to put up with slow-to-respond or just-plain-terrible IT Support. Imagine if your IT provider was truly a partner and took care of your IT needs so you didn’t have to worry. How much happier and more productive would your business be?

Our customers are guaranteed World Class IT Support through our Purple Promise: No Wait Response, No Limit Access, and No Stress Billing. With remote and local onsite IT Support for Kansas City and St. Louis, our customers feel ease working with us knowing we can respond appropriately and quickly to any given situation.

If you’re still not sure about switching your IT Support to The Purple Guys, check out what our customers are saying about our service RIGHT NOW through our live customer comment feed and why they rate our services so highly – 97.5% customer approved! We’re transparent about our services and post the good and even when we’re not so great (weighted greater against our customer approval score). We guarantee you won’t find this much ease and clarity working with another IT Support team.

This March, keep on fighting your good fight and as a gift to you for being a fellow small to mid-sized business in our local community, reach out to schedule your Free IT Security Assessment to learn where your business might be susceptible to threatening online bugs. We’re all in this together to grow and make our communities better, you shouldn’t have to worry about being brought down by a cyber bug attack.

Call The Purple Guys and schedule an appointment today to get your Customized IT plan. It’s time to get the most out of your technology and the people that use it.

Happy St. Urho’s Day!

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