Technology Terms, Simplified. Part II –

Just like technology itself, technology terminology is always changing. So, we made a list of the tech terms and acronyms we think business owners, administrators, and employees should know. This is the second installment of a multi-part series we are calling Technology Terms, Simplified. You can find Part I here. This series will cover terms and acronyms that we hope will educate, enlighten, and even pull back the curtain on how an MSP like The Purple Guys provides world-class support to its partners.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the concept of protecting one of your business’ most valuable resources. Your data. Data loss is becoming more common and can be the result of several factors such as cyberattacks, insider threats and accidental deletion.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools are used to improve business processes like resource management, ticketing, invoicing, and project management. One of our favorite uses of our PSA tool is the ability to record every action taken while troubleshooting an issue. Having historical, well-documented processes and procedures allow us to quickly resolve recurring issues and also provides insight into what might be causing the problem to recur.

A vCIO, or Virtual CIO, is an individual or company that serves as Chief Information Officer for your organization. A vCIO will advise on your company’s IT infrastructure, plans to scale with business growth, and all the solutions to keep your technology functional and secure. It is common for an MSP like The Purple Guys to fill the role of vCIO for clients & partners.

An Agent is a piece of software installed on a computer, server, or other device to enable IT management and support. This software provides our team insight into age, hardware, software licensing, system usage, warranty status, and several other aspects of your organization’s devices. It also allows for our support team to remotely connect to devices for troubleshooting.


Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a combination of the process and tools to manage and control IT systems. All the functionality and information provided by Agents installed on your organization’s devices can be accessed and monitored in real-time within the RMM dashboard. RMM solutions provide IT teams with tools like automation, critical system alerts, reporting, analytics, and patch management.

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