Eliminating The Vendor Blame Game

Here at The Purple Guys, we know that small businesses rely heavily on technology to serve their customers. Internet outages, network slowdowns, phone system issues, and software failures can all have significant impacts to workflows and your bottom line. When issues like these occur, a business owner or administrator typically gets bounced around from vendor to vendor until the source of the problem is found and resolved. Tell me if this is familiar –

Your office is having an issue with the copier/printer, no one can print, and you need 10 copies of a report printed for an upcoming meeting.  You restart the printer, and nothing changes, still no printing. So, you call the printer company’s support line.

Now you have wasted an hour and still can’t print. You have no choice but to call your internet service provider’s support line and hope they can fix the issue.

One more hour gone, and you have gotten nowhere. At this point, hours have been wasted by two vendors passing the blame back and forth.  All while your employees are unable to do their jobs effectively. And who knows, it could be hours more before someone takes responsibility and resolves the issue.

Unfortunately, this is something we hear about all too often. Small businesses rely on multiple vendors, but those vendors are not mutually aligned and constantly play the blame game at your expense. So how can you, as a business owner or admin, stop wasting time with vendors passing the buck? Partner with an MSP like The Purple Guys who can take over the burden of IT support and vendor communication.

As an IT provider, it is our priority to getting you back to business as quickly as possible when an issue occurs. Our expert team of technicians have decades of combined experience working with vendors and possess a deep understanding of how they operate. We can speak their language and have working knowledge of how their products or services are supposed to work. This translates to:

Simplified Support – No more wondering if you need to call your ISP or the printer company. One call to our Help Desk and the rest is handled by our team.

True Accountability – We know how vendors work and where the responsibility lies, eliminating vendor finger pointing.

Fast Fixes & Reduced Downtime – We learn how the vendor resolves issues, eliminating the need to involve them if the issue reoccurs.

Improved Productivity – You or your staff will never again have to waste time on hold with vendor support that could be spent serving your clients.


If you are ready to hand off the burden of vendor support and communication, you can reach out to us today or simply give us a call at 816-222-1100.

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