Security and Privacy in The Complete Cloud™

Want a hosting provider that “gets” the dental business? One that’s ultra-secure, and works to maximize your legacy infrastructure while helping you gain efficiencies through the cloud?

You’re in the right place.

The Purple Guys is headquartered in Pearland, Texas. We’re a big-picture IT and technology company and aim to maintain long-term partnerships with our clients. This approach allows us to provide expert-level service in a personalized and highly responsive fashion.

Our level of infrastructure, our absolute commitment to security and compliance, and the sophistication we have in place is way above and beyond what most cloud-hosting companies provide.

A Dedicated Team

We’re very approachable. You can talk to us, you can reach out to us, and we always respond. And we’re a real company, with data center facilities throughout North America. We’re a state-of-the-art cloud hosting provider.

Ongoing Relationships

Our primary goal is to enhance the success of your dental practice, whether you have one or hundreds of locations. And, we’ll work with you each step of the way. We get to know you, your needs and goals. So, when you call us, it’s not like calling the big public cloud providers — AWS, Azure, or Google — where one day you get one support person and the next day another who then has to relearn all that’s gone on and get up-to-speed on your architecture and needs.

When you call, we answer. And because our team will be intimately familiar with your architecture, applications, and needs, there’s no wasting time explaining the issue and what’s been done to date. They’ll already know all that. This saves you time and lets them get to handling the issue more quickly.

A Holistic (Team) Approach to Security

We’re totally about “the team!”

We imagine you’ve got talented IT members on your team, but no matter how terrific they are, no one person can be an expert in everything. You may have a smart IT guy who knows Dentrix Enterprise or OrthoTrac really well, but isn’t quite as adept at patching the network. Or maybe she’s a crackerjack storage manager, but finds database optimization outside her expertise.

These days there are so many threats from so many avenues, so many essential applications, that you really can’t be an expert in all of them. So, let your IT staff focus on their strengths and let us take care of the security issues.

Safeguarding Data

We take security very seriously and over 20 years have become security experts.

Safeguarding your sensitive data begins with our rock-solid hosting infrastructure, continues through our active involvement when third-party auditors look at all the security measures we have in place, and then to working with you to ensure your applications and cloud environment are completely covered. So, when we say we’ve got your security needs covered, we mean it — and have the audit results to prove it.

Here’s a list of just some of our certifications:

  • PCI
  • SAS 70
  • SOC 2
  • SSAE Type II service organization
  • SSAE16 certified and audited
  • WatchGuard Expert Partner


Our Solid, Reliable Infrastructure

We operate three enterprise-grade data centers across the U.S. — Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix — to deliver high performance and advanced data protection to our users. You enjoy a speedy connection to your primary data center location, and live backup to your secondary locations, so your data is never lost.

And all this is protected by:

  • Physical security of the data center
  • Networking security — many levels above and beyond what most provide; military-grade encryption

How We Work With Your Security in Mind

There are many layers of security that we look at when we work with you.

  • Application layer: What software are you running and what are you exposing to the world? The application layer can be the hardest one to defend and it’s also the one most exposed to would-be hackers. We understand your data and how to properly isolate your applications to protect it from vulnerabilities and threats by enhancing the security of your environment behind the scenes.
  • Physical layer: Our data centers are extremely robust and ultra secure, we even control down to our employee level who has access to them, further adding to your security.
  • Network layer: Security controls here aid in management of all the traffic going in and out, including management of the switching and routing. We have real time monitoring that targets a plethora of threats 24/7 to prevent them getting into your environment. We’ve got you covered.
  • Storage layer: All your data resides on secure virtual servers and is always backed up.
  • Firewall layer: Firewalls have been around for more than 25 years — and, like other segments of technology, are only getting more advanced, more adaptive, and more complicated. It’s the firewall’s job to control the flow of information in and out of the network. We provide enterprise class data center firewalls within our facilities so all our clients can take advantage of this technology within all private-cloud configurations.

A Private Cloud: High Security and Complete Flexibility

Your mom probably taught you to share. But do you really want to put your data in a cloud you share with others? We thought not. With your own private cloud, The Complete Cloud™ from The Purple Guys, there’s no sharing. The resources are designed and dedicated just for you and you alone.

In your fully-secure, fully-compliant private cloud with The Purple Guys, no one gets in unless you want them to. We’ll work with you to design what suits your business goals and strategy. We take care of the hardware and cloud platform, and all applications your business currently use and place them into your privately secure Complete Cloud.

Key benefits of the private cloud:

  • Elasticity; scale up or down as your needs change
  • Full management and support of the underlying platform and the physical infrastructure 24/7
  • We perform all software installation, upgrades and provisioning services
  • Multi-site backup and recovery
  • Automatic redundancy and failover
  • Provide 99.999% Uptime guarantee

The Purple Guys knows the cloud and technology inside and out. But more importantly, we also understand the intricacies of dental practices, and we’re here to help you succeed. Contact us today.


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