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We thought we’d share with you a quick recap of recent articles we wrote about growth trends in the dental industry and the opportunities provided by cloud technology.

The Changing Face of the Dental Industry

The $129 billion dental industry is on a cusp. More than 40% of practitioners in dentistry are Baby Boomers getting set to retire, many of whom were and are private practitioners. This means it’s the next generation, Millennials, who’ll shape practice going forward.

One result of this change is the more rapid adoption of dental technology. After all, the younger generation is immersed in tech and has high expectations of its capabilities. And the Millennials are also the ones whom seldom lose data, storing all their photos, music, and data in the cloud.

Another result could be the proliferation of the dental service organizations, or DSOs, in part because they require less individual capital investment and offer the opportunity of revenue appreciation through practice expansion. But this brings challenges of its own.

The Challenges That Come with Practice Expansion

In a single-dentist practice, there’s an enormous amount of data — patient care records, employee records, insurance information, billing data, imagery and more. Sometimes, it becomes expensive to store it all in a place that provides easy access so you can work with it.

And that’s a problem that’s compounded for DSOs and other multi-location dental groups. Software can be different across locations, patient data at one location might not be available at another, access to any data from outside the office could be difficult at best and impossible at worst. And the merging of practices into the DSOs brings more.

Add to that all the hardware and the variety of applications used. HR might use one, the finance guys another, and the clinical group still others. Ensuring compliance and security among all can become a nightmare. And the merging of practices into the DSOs brings even more software, more data, and more IT headaches.

Overcoming the Challenges with a Complete Solution

Even if a practice uses the cloud for some applications like email, that’s only a partial solution. You still have to dig around in this application or that to find what you want and then figure out how to get it into the application you want. Integrated technologies solve the conundrum, and that’s what The Complete Cloud™ does. With this complete solution:

  • All your applications and devices live in a HIPAA-compliant, secure, fully-integrated, and fully-managed environment
  • There’s no need to learn new applications, because you’re still using the ones you’re used to
  • You have online access 24/7 from any device and across all locations
  • You’re assured of live-to-the-second encrypted backup and replication

You can learn more about our predictions and views on technology when you read the articles:

And, then, give us a call at 877-627-0787 when you’re ready to talk about a complete solution that:

  • Gives you the freedom to grow as you see fit
  • Cuts your capital expenditures
  • Reduce your IT costs by up to 50% per year.

We know dentistry and we know tech. We’ll talk about your needs and figure out how to put you in the best position for your business success.


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