Cloud Computing for Dental Practice — the Next Step for Future Growth

All this talk about cloud computing can be hard to navigate. Is there a software out there specifically designed for dental practices?

A solution that can:

  • Control costs
  • Integrate your workflow
  • Enhance your practice’s performance
  • Achieve better efficiencies?

There IS and it’s called The Complete Cloud™.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our e-book, “Understanding Public and Private Cloud Use for Growing Dental Practices”, to learn what to ask about public and private clouds to find the solution that’s right for your practice.
Cloud Computing for Dental Practices

Cloud Computing for Dental Practices

You’ve heard the hype about the “cloud” — how it saves you money, cuts your CapEx, and increases your productivity. And you’ve likely heard about Amazon’s AWS cloud and Microsoft’s Azure cloud. They’re great, but…

They’re public clouds with all the risks inherent in public clouds. In our e-book, we highlight the good and the scary of public clouds and outline the risks you may take by migrating to public cloud computing for your dental practice.

And, what about imaging? Will what you currently use work in these clouds, or will you need to learn new technologies?

We all went into dentistry to practice dentistry — to make patients happy with their smiles, to help them keep their teeth forever, to bring oral health to the pinnacle. What we might not have counted on was all the technology we’d need to make that happen. Most of us really don’t want to double as IT pros.

The Complete Cloud™: Cloud Computing for Your Dental Practice

When you read “Understanding Public and Private Cloud Use for Growing Dental Practices”, you’ll discover how easy it can be to:

  • Keep PHI and all data secure
  • Maintain compliance
  • Integrate your workflows
  • Access all your data and images anytime from anywhere
  • Save thousands a year on IT expenses by eliminating expensive hardware and extending the life of your workstations

You’ll also learn how The Complete Cloud™ works and how it can help you grow your dental practice.

What you need is a solution, not a product.

Our e-book explains how our technology platform — designed by dental software specialists, systems engineers, data center cloud experts, and security specialists — could be your best way to move to the cloud.

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