When is the Right Time to Hire a Managed IT Service?

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With all of the craziness of the pandemic, you’re probably not thinking about managed IT services, but you should be. Here’s why. Managed IT services make businesses more productive, efficient, and profitable. They do this by delivering the best services any conventional IT department could provide, at a significantly lower cost.

Don’t think of it as outsourcing, think of it as an investment in your company and in the future. Outsourcing technical responsibilities to managed IT services is a progressive practice that’s gaining traction in the business world. Is it time for your company to hire a managed IT service? There are a number of factors to consider and signs that can help you identify the right time to make the switch.

Finding the Right Time to Hire a Managed IT Service

Here are some signs that indicate when you should consider looking into hiring a managed IT service. Every company has different technical needs, but there are some major patterns that help determine when it’s time to replace your current IT support with a managed IT service like The Purple Guys.

Does your current IT support team seem to only respond to you when it’s most convenient for them? What happens when your systems go down or offline, do they stand to make more money? Have you rapidly developed an intense hatred for your IT Help Desk? Are inconsistent invoices driving you crazy? What about the customer service, do they leave you feeling more frustrated after getting off of the phone with them than you were before you called?

If your IT support is causing any one of these frustrations, you should be looking into partnering with a reliable managed IT service like The Purple Guys. In today’s market, businesses need guaranteed up-time, 24-7 support, and top-notch security monitoring.

Make the Smart Choice by Partnering with the Right Service

Although conventional wisdom dictates that companies should ditch their costly IT departments and replace them with shiny new outsourced labor as soon as possible, you can’t choose any old managed IT service, and as you will discover on-site support is critical.

When shopping for a managed IT service provider, it’s imperative that you find one that exhibits the following qualities.

  • Fairness – look for a provider that’s fair, one that offers competitive prices without compromising on quality of service.
  • Superior Expertise – the expertise is what you’re paying for, so make sure the provider you partner with has plenty of it!
  • Availability – if you wanted an IT service that runs from 9:00 to 5:00, you’d might as well just stick with what you’ve got. Seek out a provider that offers round-the-clock service. You should also check to make sure that the managed IT service you’re interested in doing business with also offers on-site support. Although techs can solve a lot of problems remotely, there is no substitute for on-site support.
  • Security – finally, you should make sure that the managed IT service provider you’re interested in can also provide robust cybersecurity services like 24/7 monitoring, training, etc.

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