What Can Companies Do to Improve Their Email Service?

email service

Even in the time of Zoom meetings and instant chat, knowing how to improve email service is still a huge issue for companies. Knowing what to do in order to bring about those improvements isn’t easy when you lack the correct knowledge.

Security and Your Email Service

The main area you should focus on when dealing with your email service is to deal with the security side of things. Considering the way in which email is still used to send communications between people, both internally and externally, you want to know that everything is safe and secure.

Email is still one of the primary ways in which the bad guys can gain access to your systems. Also, spam is a major issue, and it’s very easy for your spam filter to be filled with useless emails that are of no interest to you.

But here is something to consider.

Even though we are aware of malware and not to click on links that we shouldn’t click on, it still happens. People access their email via a multitude of devices, and we get carried away with falling for the same old tricks every single time.

Don’t Fall for the Amazon or Tax Scam

Just to show how crazy things are when it comes to email, people still fall for the free Amazon gift card link which leads to malware being put onto a device. At the same time, people also fall for that email where the US government is apparently getting in touch with them around tax time.

Neither Amazon or the government is going to contact you with those offers, or in that manner. It just doesn’t happen.

Security isn’t Everything with an Email Service

You may have a spam filter in place, but that’s not enough for your needs. Some industries require their email to be archived for legal reasons, so you need to make a copy of each email.

We mention this as a company needs to be aware of what is required from their email service in order to then know how to improve it. There are a multitude of tools out there that can be used in a company setting to look after the email side of things, but they are only useful if they fit in with your needs or requirements.

Education is Everything

The final point we would like to make regarding how to improve your email service is connected to the need for education.

When we talk about education, what we mean is the need to help people to gain a better understanding of how to get the most out of their email, and also how to not fall for those scams. Yes, even though we are aware of the risk of clicking on links, we still do it.

Teaching the end user what to look out for, and how to avoid getting into trouble, can make such a huge difference to your email service. It can prevent the entire service being consumed by the bad guys and save your company a whole lot of trouble.

Finally, do check with a professional service provider that you have the correct technical tools in place that meet your own needs. It may be the case that your email fails to tick all of the right boxes, and that’s going to be a huge problem. Spend time getting to grips with any legal requirements for documentation, or make sure you have the correct security in place to help reduce the chances of any attacks.

Remember, email is still an essential part of business, but it’s still viewed as being the number one way the bad guys will attack you, so sitting back and doing nothing is not in question. If you want to improve this service, then making sure it’s not compromised is a good place to start.

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