What Are the Benefits and Risks of Managed IT Service?

Benefits and Risks of Managed IT Service

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As a business professional, you probably know how important information technology (IT) services can be to the general functioning of your company. However, you may not know exactly how to manage your IT work, especially if technology isn’t your company’s focus. With managed IT services, you can receive the technical support you need through the trusted work of tech experts. Before you begin any partnership, it’s important to weigh up the benefits and risks. Read on to learn more about managed IT services and some of the most important pros and cons.

What Is a Managed IT Service?

Managed IT services refers to technical services performed by a third-party company for a customer. The customer can be an individual, but in many cases it’s an organization or company that wants to manage their IT work without having to worry about tasks that fall outside of their area of expertise. While the service model varies based on the provider, many IT companies charge customers a monthly fee to outsource all their tech work. With this responsibility out of their hands, businesses can focus on other important areas, confident they’ll always have the IT capacities to match their vision.

What Are the Main Types of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services can vary based on the provider and the customer’s needs. However, some of the services you can expect in any managed IT relationship include computer infrastructure and software and network security, implementation, and maintenance. You can also look for system and file backup services along with troubleshooting in case you run into technical problems. This covers most organizations’ technical needs, but you can always contact us if you need specialized work. We’ll be happy to help you build a managed IT plan that meets your exact business requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Thinking about managed IT services? Here are some of the benefits you can experience from having an effective IT partnership:

Lower Costs

Even though you’ll likely pay a monthly fee for your IT assistance, this can still be cheaper in the long run, especially if you run into any issues or problems. While some larger companies may use their resources and connections to create an in-house IT department, others can look into the cheaper option of outsourcing that work. With the protection of an experienced IT company, you can rest assured that your partner has your back in the case of any issues. Furthermore, having quality IT services can protect you from issues in the first place.

Without a trusted partner, you might forgo the monthly fee, but you could end up paying more for every problem. And, with reliable payment and billing options, you’ll be able to predict and plan for any costs rather than have them spring up when you least expect them. Your provider can give you more information about costs and options to make your IT services work for your business.

Expertise and Experience

When you partner with an IT service provider, you’ll know that you’re getting access to the experience and expertise of IT industry professionals. Most managed IT service providers live and breathe technology, and they’ll be happy to use that knowledge to help your company’s tech run smoothly. Let trusted and verified experts work on your technology while you focus on the things you know and love.

Increased Productivity

With IT concerns removed, you and your employees can focus on the things that really matter. When you partner with an IT provider, the IT stress and worry go away. Even if your organization already employs IT professionals, you can minimize their workload and allow them to focus on developing systems that help your company grow. Take on new projects and ideas free from the burden of IT worry.

Reduced Risk of Cyberattack

Any major tech issue can be deadly for your organization, especially if it means that your customers are without your support. When you work with an IT service provider, though, the chances of any major issues decrease dramatically. The best service providers will constantly monitor your technology, and they’ll be there for you and your questions day and night. At Golden Tech, we even have an emergency support option so that we can help you quickly resolve issues and get back to work.

What Are the Risks of Managed IT Services?

While this may all sound too good to be true, there are some risks to consider before committing to a managed IT services partnership. With a little bit of preparation, you can find an IT partner who helps you make your business thrive. Here are some things to consider before you select your IT provider:

Potential for Downtime

The wrong IT partner can leave you hanging when you need them most. If you select a provider who doesn’t prioritize communication or doesn’t have the staff to work with you when an issue arises, you could lose valuable data, money, and opportunities when your customers can’t reach you due to technical downtime. Before beginning any relationship, be sure to ask how your provider plans to support you and your IT systems. At Golden Tech, we’d be happy to show you why we’ve been a trusted name in the industry since 1996.


You can be taking a risk leaving your company’s data in the hands of a provider that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Work with someone you trust, though, and you’ll never have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. Want to know more about how your managed IT company plans to keep you and your data safe? You can ask us, as we want you to feel comfortable with your provider.

Misaligned Objectives

As with any business relationship, problems can arise if you and your partner don’t agree on your goals, vision, and plans for the future. This can lead to poor service or lack of support when you need it most. When you work with Golden Tech, you can be sure that we want your business to succeed as much as you do. After all, our mission has always been to bring people and business together through technology.

While managed IT services can be a big decision, it can also be the right one if you work with a partner who has your back. At Golden Tech, our fully managed IT options are top of the line, and our service is too. Give us a call today and let us help you head into the future with quality technical services.

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