6 Benefits of Vulnerability Scans for Small Businesses

Once reserved for enterprise organizations and highly regulated industries, vulnerability scans are beginning to become part of the average small business’ cybersecurity plan. Compliance, cyber liability insurance, and recent budget-friendly options are all driving factors in the increasing number of SMBs incorporating vulnerability scanning into their security policies.

Vulnerability scanning involves using specialized software to identify potential security weaknesses in a network, application, or device. Vulnerabilities such as unpatched operating systems, untrusted software, or simplistic passwords, which can be exploited by bad actors. In this post, we will discuss 6 benefits of network vulnerability scans for small businesses and why they are essential for protecting your organization from cyber threats.

One of the most obvious but significant benefits of a network vulnerability scan is that it can identify potential security weaknesses in a network. These weaknesses can include out of date software, known exploitable configurations, open ports, and other vulnerabilities that can be used to gain access to your data or infrastructure. By identifying these weaknesses early on, small businesses can take steps to address them before they can be exploited.

Many industries have regulations that require regular vulnerability scans to ensure compliance. For example, the finance industry must comply with the SEC, which in some cases require regular vulnerability scans to protect client data. By conducting regular scans, small businesses can ensure that they follow industry regulations, avoid costly fines, and protect both their clients and their reputation.

Vulnerability scans can detect potential security issues early on before they can be exploited by attackers. By quickly identifying these issues, small businesses can take steps to mitigate them before they can cause significant harm. Early detection is incredibly valuable as the cost of a single data breach could total over 1 million dollars for a small business.

A vulnerability scan can help small businesses prioritize which security issues to address first, based on their potential impact on the business. For example, a vulnerability that could potentially compromise sensitive customer data would be a higher priority than a vulnerability that affects a less critical aspect of the network. By prioritizing risks, small businesses can ensure that they address the most critical security issues first. Additionally, prioritizing these risks can also assist in annual budgeting.

By identifying and addressing security issues early on, a vulnerability scan can help small businesses save money on potential security breaches and the associated costs. These scans could also help decrease the costs associated with your cyber liability insurance. While not every carrier requires regular scans for coverage, proving that your organization is taking additional precautions regarding cybersecurity is something that certain policy underwriters consider.

A vulnerability scan can give business owners peace of mind, knowing that their networks are secure and that potential threats have been identified and addressed. This peace of mind is critical for small business owners, who often have limited resources to devote to cybersecurity. By conducting regular vulnerability scans, small business owners can feel more confident that their networks are secure and that potential threats will be regularly identified and addressed.

Now that this technology is more accessible to small and medium sized businesses, vulnerability scans should be considered essential part of any organizations cybersecurity plan. These scans help identify potential security weaknesses, ensure compliance with industry regulations, detect potential security issues early on, prioritize risks, save costs, and provide peace of mind. Ready to get started? Reach out today and learn more about how you can enhance your cybersecurity posture and identify potential vulnerabilities.

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