Improve Business Agility With a VoIP Phone Solution

Over the last few months, small businesses and the technology they use have been thoroughly tested.  Business functions like communication, production, and distribution are now being evaluated through a different lens. Especially by those who experienced a break down in one or more of those functions. A key component to a successful business is communication. For those that adopted a modern VoIP solution for their business phones, this transitional period has been much simpler from a communication standpoint.

Having the ability for staff to work from anywhere, without the need for major configuration changes or expensive equipment is crucial. Flexibility has proven to be key in maintaining business as usual when faced with adversity on a global scale. If you still utilize desk phones in your environment, now is a perfect time to consider a VoIP solution. So, let’s break down what VoIP is and how it could improve your business’ agility.  

As technology continues to advance and evolve, older devices tend to get phased out. Once vital to everyday operations, things like fax machines, pagers, and even printers are all disappearing from the modern office. But there is one piece of tech that has stood the test of time and shows no signs of dying off anytime soon, the desk phone. Even though we can communicate on a global scale in a variety of different ways, the desk phone remains a tool that almost every business utilizes.

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Are you plagued with dropped calls, accidental hang-ups, or conference call frustrations? These could all be symptoms of an outdated or unoptimized traditional PBX or Private Branch Exchange. Many business phone systems are built to be compatible with legacy voice service providers that use old analog phone lines or expensive dedicated digital trunks. A stable and robust solution IF you have a lot of employees and the budget to afford the maintenance and upgrades to keep it reliable.

Today, for businesses large and small, an in-office PBX phone system is often unnecessary. So, what is an alternative? Hosted VoIP. Most of you have seen or heard commercials offering phone service over the internet, that’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol.) VoIP is becoming a very accessible and high-value solution in the SMB sector for a variety of reasons:

  • Connectivity – With hosted VoIP phones, you simply run an Ethernet cable to the phone, then to your computer. Both devices get internet and you eliminate navigating or running phone lines. Just one cable per desk for phone and internet.

  • Features – VoIP systems come with all the standard phone features you are used to plus hundreds more. Each phone can be uniquely customized. Most providers even have an application that can be run on your cell phone – allowing you to take your office number with you anywhere you want.

  • Productivity – With all the applications and tools provided from a VoIP solution, you can communicate easily. In or out of the office, you can be sure to never miss a call, conference or voicemail.

  • Cost – Hosted VoIP is one of the most inexpensive options on the market. It can lessen monthly fees, installation, and upgrade costs as well as maintenance expenses.

  • Reliability – Just like moving your email service to the cloud, switching from a PBX to Hosted VoIP service means you can stop worrying about maintaining and repairing that critical piece of equipment as it ages. Also, if your office’s internet and voice service is down due to a utility problem, natural disaster, etc. its often much easier to forward your incoming lines to a cell phone than with a legacy voice provider.

  • Scalability – In addition to the management and administration features, VoIP provides an inexpensive path to grow alongside your business. New lines are easily deployed and very affordable, making it simple to scale with your needs.

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