Vendor Management

As an MSP, our role is to manage the day-to-day administration of your IT infrastructure. This includes monitoring your network for security issues, ensuring servers and services maintain functionality and providing a help desk for any support issues. While these functions are critical to keep your doors open and your data secure, there are other roles an MSP fills.  An often-overlooked function of an MSP is the management of third-party vendors.

Most small businesses have partnered with at least one third-party vendor. Common examples are electronic billing or accounting services. There are countless issues that can arise when working with a third-party vendor and in most instances, they can impact your productivity. Time spent dealing with constant errors within their program, waiting on hold for support and painfully long troubleshooting sessions can add up over the calendar year. Partnering with an MSP to take the burden of support and management of third-party solutions off your plate will allow you to focus on your business and clients.

As the liaison between your company and your numerous vendors, Salvus can relieve most of the headaches associated with third-party relationships. Our technicians will act as the front line, diagnosing the issues and resolving most problems without the need of vendor involvement. If escalation is deemed necessary, Salvus will contact the vendor on your behalf and ensure the issue is corrected. We work with countless third-party vendors so we can speak their language and answer technical questions that will expedite the process.

Thanks to our expertise working with vendors, we are experts in accountability. How many times have you had an issue, only to have one vendor point the finger at another? With Salvus managing your vendors, we can eliminate the blame game and ensure that the vendor responsible resolves the issue as quickly as possible.

Salvus can also assist you in choosing the right vendor from the start. When choosing a vendor, you must consider the following:

Do they continually update and innovate?

Does their solution enhance your current solution?

Do they offer exceptional support and training?

Do they want to build a partnership with your company? Or are you just income?

As an MSP, we are in tune with the ever changing IT industry. We are constantly researching and reviewing new technologies and platforms that can benefit our client base. This is a task that most small business owners and managers simply do not have the time to for in their busy schedules. We strive to make IT simple for small businesses. Which is why we want to be your first and only call for all things IT. One call to the help desk, no matter the issue or inquiry. We will get you the help that you need. You may not have time to call QuickBooks or CCH support, but with one quick call to Salvus, you may never need to again.

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