Understanding Operational Intelligence and the Benefits it Offers

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you know about big data and the benefits it has brought organizations in virtually all industries. While big data is helpful in many ways, there are still many organizations that struggle to harness the analytical opportunities provided by big data. The primary reason for this is something that most businesses have been guilty of at some point – sticking with what they know, which is using older tools for data warehousing and business intelligence. However, if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, there is a whole new world of opportunities and insights “out there.” Part of this means embracing and using operational intelligence.

What Exactly Is Operational Intelligence?

Often abbreviated OI, operational intelligence offers real-time business analytics that delivers insight and visibility into your business operations. You can use real-time information in many ways – it is up to you. Some of the most common ways this data and information is used include:

  • Sending alerts
  • Trigger executive decisions
  • Start business processes

One of the benefits of embracing OI is that you gain access to several special technologies that are capable of handling all types of big data and streaming data, including event streams, sensor data, and machine data.

Are you still on the fence regarding investing in operational intelligence? If so, learn about some of the most appealing benefits it offers here.

Benefits of Utilizing Operational Intelligence

Knowing why OI is worth the investment can help you see why this is a good use of your funds.

Reduce Costs

With OI in place, you can avoid having to purchase inefficient and outdated BI tools or using costly event processing systems because of the open-source tech available can process large amounts of operational data quickly.

Real-Time Data Handling

OI stands out thanks to the ability it has to capture and process data quickly – think milliseconds – from many sources, both new and old. This includes message queues, event streams, and streaming data.

Easy to Implement

Purpose-built solutions are much easier to put in place and easy to navigate thanks to the user-friendly automation. With these solutions, you can handle everything from the collection of data to analyzing it and taking action on the derived results.

Business Visibility

With OI, you can receive complete views of business situations and entities based on latent and real-time data. All this is presented to you in terms that offer benefits and actionability.

Risk Reduction

Easily prevent operational disruptions while mitigating the risk of damage or loss to your high-value goods thanks to real-time visibility. You also gain the benefit of proactive identification for any high-risk location.

Are You Ready for All the Benefits Offered by OI?

As you can see from the information here, OI provides an array of benefits. If you are ready to implement this into your organization, get in touch with the pros for a smooth integration process.

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