The Purple Guys featured in Forbes Magazine for Cybersecurity

Every Piece of Data is Valuable to Hackers

Almost every attack at banking and financial institutions is aimed at financial gain. Some are direct, such as the ATM and account hacks noted earlier, but others are more indirect. For instance, the PT report showed that malware attacks increased by 75 percent during the last year, collecting information such as account logins, answers to security questions, Social Security numbers, and more.

Companies outside the financial sector don’t usually house customer financial data in their systems, but if you utilize a web application, your customers have to build profiles with personal data. Jon Schram, CEO of technology support company The Purple Guys, warns that simply “having data stolen from you can hurt your company long after the breach has been resolved.” If you want to preserve customer loyalty, protect the data you collect.

Read the full article, Think You Have Cybersecurity Taken Care Of – Think Again written by Forbes Contributor, Serenity Gibbons

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