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Whether surfing online with a mobile or desktop device, everyone’s security is at risk anytime you log in to an account with a saved or frequently used password. The Purple GuysKansas City and St. Louis’s most responsive and reliable IT Service and Computer Support company, reminds you and your employees to take a moment to change your passwords today and set a calendar reminder every 90 days for the optimal safety of you and your business.

Is Your Business Safe?

As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is if your business is secure online. Although you might take appropriate prevention steps, you also want to ensure that your employees are not increasing security vulnerabilities. Does your Sales Manager use the same password for your business accounts as their Facebook or online shopping pages? Studies show that the majority of technology users still don’t understand the importance of password protection and the most commonly used passwords are still “Password” and “123456”.

What Qualifies as a Complex Password?

Changing your passwords on a regular basis and having them be complex keeps your credentials more protected. It’s so easy to lapse back into the habit of using your favorite passwords over and over again (even with the special character added in) but it’s important to stop.

The more complex your passwords are, the harder you are to hack. A complex password doesn’t have to be a series of letters, numbers, and characters, but does need to be uncommon and distant enough from your basic information that someone couldn’t guess what it is. Example: Using a password that is a series of words like “UmbrellaSunRain” would qualify as a complex password. Still not sure if your password is secure enough, try our favorite password security check.

The Purple Guys recommends using different passwords in each of your accounts or categories of accounts. For more critical financial accounts that store important information and records such as banking sites, using completely unique passwords and protecting them as you would your social security number is advised. The Purple Guys proactive management team even went as far as purchasing Identify theft protection for all our team members and recommend other businesses to do the same for their employees.

Easy Tools To Remember Your Passwords – Password Keepers

It may seem challenging to remember all your passwords when you’re changing them every 90 days but it’s worth it to not suffer from an identity theft crisis. Recovering from identify theft could take years, funds lost, and a hefty amount of paperwork to normalize.

Approved in April 2018, The Purple Guys recommends 7 secure password storage Apps to use to keep your passwords safe and remembered:

IT Security Assessment

Although you may think you’re safe and update your passwords occasionally, with recent security and data breaches to companies like Target, Equifax, and even popular apps like MyFitnessPal, it’s a reminder that you’re more vulnerable than you may realize.

The Purple Guys, the highest customer-rated IT Service and Support team in the Midwest, strives to keep customers safe through regular password updates and education on security. Being on the frontlines of cyber security awareness, our team helps to recover data and privacy loss all too often from inquiring businesses and new customers after suffering a breach.

If you’re concerned about your whether your small to mid-sized business is safe and secure, request a *Free IT Security Assessment from The Purple Guys today.

*Free IT Security Assessment for businesses with 15 employees or more.

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