The Most Common Shadow IT Risks Putting Your Network at Risk

With the growing popularity and demand for cloud computing, it is seeing rapid growth and use in an array of business settings. Today, it is easier than ever for workers to download a cloud application that will help improve productivity and efficiency. The biggest issue is that some of these applications will begin to operate as shadow IT. 

Keep reading to learn what shadow IT is and the risks it poses to your business.

Understanding Shadow IT

When you hear the term “shadow IT,” it means applications, software, and hardware that are managed without the IT department knowing about it. This is an issue that is most seen with cloud applications because of how simple they are to download and use, and because of the growing number of available options.

Today, an average mid-sized business uses more than 1,000 cloud services, but the IT department is only aware of about 100 of these. Some employees believe they can use and download any app or service on the cloud if it helps to make them more productive or if it makes their job easier.

While these apps probably do make the worker’s jobs easier, they also present issues and problems that could cost the business significantly.

Some of the most significant issues presented by shadow IT can be found here.

Subpar IT Visibility

Even if a SaaS application does not seem like it takes up much space, if the wrong one is downloaded, it can harm efficiency and bandwidth. If you have a team that is reliant on a shadow IT app and it stops working, the IT department will not have the documentation or ability to make the needed repairs. Consider all the mayhem that may arise if you are unable to get a time-sensitive project done on time?

Potential Security Gaps

Shadow IT is one of the top reasons there are security gaps in any business. Since the IT department never vets the app, the app being downloaded will not undergo the same security protocol that other apps do.

While some of the unsupported SaaS applications may seem completely harmless, others may enable the sharing of sensitive information between groups or even recording calls to transcribe them. Your business’s IT staff must know the apps that are being used and how they may put the business at risk of a data breach or other types of liabilities.

Inefficiencies in Collaboration

If employees are reliant on various applications from one department to another, collaboration is going to become more inefficient. Consider this – what if one of your teams or departments uses Box for sharing files and another uses Google Drive, and they must work together to finish a project? Using these different services can result in many issues.

When it comes to shadow IT, there are an array of factors that may impact your business. Knowing what the risks are is a must. The professionals can help with this if needed. Contact The Purple Guys today.

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