The Importance of Email Security in the Workplace

Every time we look at the news, we’re bombarded with one of four things, COVID news, political scandals, celebrity drivel, or the latest data security breach. With so much attention being given to cybersecurity you’d think we could all relax a bit. The truth of the matter is cybercrime advances continuously, meaning cybersecurity measures are in a constant, never-ending race to defend against these attacks. Email security is one of the most pertinent cybersecurity topics that businesses should be focusing on. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of email security in the workplace, even if your current workplace is your sofa/sanctuary due to the pandemic.

Why Email Security in the Workplace Should Be a Priority

Most companies don’t think of just how important email security really is until it’s too late.., Email security should be a priority for businesses of all sizes. Just think of how much sensitive information passes through company email accounts on any given day. That’s information that could be sold to a competitor or leveraged for ransom.

Think of it this way. Although pirates still exist in a sense, they aren’t chasing Spanish galleons full of bullion. The new bullion-laden galleons are digital. They have taken the form of the valuable information that passes back and forth between businesses via email. It’s important to think of data as money. We hear about hackers cracking into bank accounts and draining the funds all the time, but when they steal data instead, it’s just as valuable.

Either way, if your business email is compromised, it’s going to cost someone a lot of money which is why email security is so important.

How Managed IT Service’s Can Boost Email Security

When thinking about ways to enhance email security, managed IT services should be your first thought. Managed IT service can provide much more than routine IT maintenance. They can administer robust security measures that include 24/hour monitoring.

Superior managed IT services like The Purple Guys go even farther and offer business continuity services as well as training. The more you invest in email security, the safer your company, and your money will be.

When it comes down to it, your business can’t afford to be compromised via email. That said, it can afford to invest in managed IT services to enhance email security in the workplace and avoid expensive problems.

Why it’s Important to Provide Employees with Cybersecurity Training

In the end, all of the security software in the world won’t do a lick of good unless your employees have been given adequate cybersecurity training. Ultimately, it’s the human element that makes the difference. The more cybersecurity training that your workforce has, the less susceptible it will be to being duped and victimized by phishing attacks.

Respectable managed IT service companies like The Purple Guys can provide your company with the training services that it needs to stay safe on top of 24/7 monitoring and support.

Got Protection? Get Yours From The Purple Guys

There are countless digital threats to your company’s safety including phishing emails, buffer overflows, inbound/outbound email flooding, etc.

Protect your business from all of these threats and more by partnering with The Purple Guys.

Call the cybersecurity experts at The Purple Guys today and watch those cybersecurity worry-related wrinkles fade away!

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