The 5 (IT) Love Languages

The 5 IT Love Languages

In the spirit of February, the month of love, Valentine’s Day, and the fact that we just need a little more LOVE in the world right now it seemed appropriate to look at IT Support through the lens of the 5 Love Languages. Like it or not, your relationship with your IT support team is like any other and may need a little attention! Your IT team has likely seen you at your best (your presentation to the VP) and your worst (when you clicked that thing you shouldn’t have). You’ve committed to allowing them to help make your day more efficient, using the 5 Love Languages let’s see how you can help build a lasting relationship!

Words of Affirmation

  • Just like all relationships, the one with your IT support team needs some nurturing.  Yes, they are in a support role, and yes, their job is to respond when you have an issue and yes, your approach and tone does have an impact on the outcome.  The next time your WiFi is acting up or your printer is off-line, take a deep breath before calling the help desk.  Your calm approach to the situation will help get things resolved quickly and efficiently.

Quality Time 

  • Remember that training video that IT sent you last month?  How about the instructions on how to connect remotely?  Did you miss the last Microsoft Teams tips and tricks memo? We all have busy lives and hectic schedules.  Your IT department is trying to make your life easier.  Taking a few minutes a week of quality IT time to improve your knowledge of the “technical stuff” will go a long way to improving productivity.   

Receiving Gifts

  • It is not likely that your IT department is going to send you flowers this month, however, they are keeping you safe from a whole lot of bad guys who want to steal your critical information.  So, the next time you interact with your IT department, take an extra minute to say Thank You.  Kind words go a long way in improving a relationship.

Acts of Service

  • IT support teams exist to provide service.  Every day, all day.  Serving the person sitting behind the keyboard, making sure the tech stuff is working and that you understand how to use it is the service that IT provides. To help them out next time you have an issue, check their FAQs to see if a simple solution has already been provided, or lay out the steps for them that you have already taken. Going a little bit above and beyond to help make solving your issue a little more seamless can go a long way!

Physical Touch

  • OK, the first kind of “touch” that comes to mind with IT equipment might be with a hammer but banish that mental image for the moment.  Instead, think about how you keep in touch with your IT Support.  In our current virtual/remote world, physically being in the same room with anyone, especially your IT Support is a rare occurrence.  When you are on a video call or just on the phone make sure you keep things positive and offer that “air high five” to let them know things are working.

So, how do you know which language to choose? Everyone’s different, the key is finding out which language makes your IT department feel most valued. It may not be clear at first, but go ahead and give one a try, listen and watch for their response! Remember that February is the month of Love and IT support needs love just like everybody else.  Who knows with a little success they may get to your issue a little bit faster next time! Either way, you’re sure to make someone’s day a little bit brighter! 

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