Mobile Device Management For Small Business

Mobile devices have become synonymous with daily work. But with more devices in the small business space than ever before, businesses owners need stay on top of managing those devices and the data they can access. What do you do when an employee quits or a device with critical data is lost or stolen? Are you able to lock, track, or even wipe the data remotely? With a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, you can.

What MDM Can Do For Your Organization

What is MDM?

Today’s average worker is accessing business data from several different devices. Controlling the lifecycle of those devices can improve security, visibility, and productivity for your organization.

MDM begins with the enrollment of mobile devices into a centralized platform. This provides an inventory framework of all the mobile devices that can access company data. Next, devices are configured to individual employees needs. This could be automatically creating an email profile or installing VPN software. This configuration also allows to apply restrictions and permission to users, devices, or device types.

Once configured, managed devices are constantly reviewed against security policies. These policies prevent devices from connecting if they do not meet specific requirements. For example, you may want to require a lock screen on a smartphone before allowing access to company email. MDM can prevent a device from accessing Outlook until a lock screen or pin is created and applied.

At the end of the lifecycle the device is retired. MDM can assist with determining a device’s end of life based on factor such as age or operating system version. Additionally, with MDM in place, access to resources and data saved locally can be removed from the device remotely. This tool is especially handy when dealing with lost devices or an employee termination.

Mobile device management is a valuable tool for any small business and a simple way to increase productivity, meet compliance standards, and improve your overall security posture. If you are interested in discussing the benefits of MDM for your company’s mobile devices, reach out to us here or give us a call at 816-222-1115.

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