Proactive Network Monitoring

In order for a small business to operate efficiently, so must its network. Your employees and systems require network uptime and performance to be consistent. To ensure that your network runs optimally, it must be monitored. But to prevent issues like cyberattacks and downtime, that monitoring must be done proactively.

Proper proactive maintenance and reporting of your network can enhance your company’s efficiency and assist in detecting unauthorized access attempts and problematic technology. For our clients, we provide 24×7 system monitoring of servers, firewalls, backup processes, anti-virus and more. It is critical to not only be able to immediately respond to an alert from a server, but to mitigate that issue proactively.

Proactive monitoring and reporting can have some major benefits for small business:


The ability to spot and then address technical issues early is key. This not only limits interruption, it decreases the chance that the issue becomes a large-scale problem. Thanks to proactive monitoring, most issues are resolved before employees ever notice there was a problem.


Quick detection of suspicious activity gives our technicians and engineers a head start on protecting your assets from a cyberattack. The advanced warnings that come from proactive monitoring give our team time to investigate and then prevent a cyberattack from breaching your network.

Improved productivity:

When small issues are compounded and unresolved, they tend to become bigger issues. These issues can bring your network to a grinding halt. This could lead to significant downtime, meaning a full stop in productivity. In order for you employees to do their job, they must be able to access the data and tools they need. Proactive monitoring leads to consistent access, which leads to productive employees.


A proactive approach to monitoring can protect your company’s bottom line. Downtime is one of the biggest issues that small businesses face. If you cannot serve your customers, you are losing money. Reducing your risk of cyberattack and improving your network’s uptime and consistency will help to avoid downtime, saving you money. Additionally, monitoring and reporting helps determine inefficiencies in your network long before they become real issues. This provides businesses the insight to either replace a trouble device immediately, or budget for a replacement in the future.

This proactive approach to maintaining and monitoring your business network can provide a lot of benefits, but none are more important than peace of mind. Knowing that your backup is going to run successfully or that your server will be up and running on Monday morning can have a very calming effect. If you are not actively monitoring your network for issues, click here to reach out and see how it can improve and secure your business today.


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