Overcoming Expansion Challenges in Dental Practices & DSOs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Growing a dental practice or DSO is an exciting but complex journey. Expansion often brings unforeseen IT challenges that can stunt growth, increase operational costs, and put patient data at risk. The internal IT departments that may have served well during the early-business stage might suddenly find themselves overwhelmed. In other words, your IT infrastructure can become like a pair of shoes that you’ve outgrown—uncomfortable and unfit for your current needs.

Facing the Challenges of Growth

As dental practices and DSOs evolve, so does the complexity of their technological needs. The small internal IT department that once sufficed may not have the resources, expertise, or time to ensure optimal cybersecurity or handle the intricate management of multiple locations. This is where Chris Gibson, VP of Operations, encapsulates the essence of the problem:

“DSOs and practices with multiple dental offices are realizing that their I.T. challenges are throttling growth and increasing operating costs. Ensuring cybersecurity and protecting patient data are also paramount for streamlining I.T. infrastructure and support.”

Paradigm Oral Health Reaps the Benefits of Efficiency and Profitability

Having an IT partner with deep expertise in the dental industry means that practices can be more profitable and efficient.

Paradigm Oral Health needed a solution for its growth strategy. They were looking for a technology partner that was heavily involved in the space and had the right vendor relationships to support its growth. Paradigm chose MBS Secure as their strategic IT partner for their IT Dental expertise in centralizing their North American footprint with a standard EMR system.

Also on the list of requirements was a partner able to keep the technology rollout seamless and robust to support their hyper-scaling business expansion phase. MBS Secure was their one-stop shop with their infrastructure to be a turnkey with IT dental support. MBS Secure’s direct relationships and deep knowledge with clients’ dental EMR software vendors enabled them to provide technology services, support, and solution integration.

With a successful IT partner, dental practices and DSOs can focus on what they do best: providing excellent dental care. Leverage an IT firm that takes care of the technical aspects so practices don’t need to worry about outgrowing their IT infrastructure or facing bottlenecks in expansion .

A Strategic IT Partner

To overcome these challenges, having a dedicated IT partner can make all the difference. An IT partner who understands the unique needs of the dental industry, and provides strategic support for acquisition and organic expansion, is crucial as your dental practice grows.

Conclusion: Partnering for Success

Transitioning from a “mom & pop” IT infrastructure to a scalable and secure solution doesn’t have to be painful. MBS Secure offers a clear path to overcoming dental and DSO industry expansion challenges.

MBS Secure allows dental practices and DSOs to scale up their IT infrastructure simply and securely. They provide a one-stop solution tailored for dental professionals that ensures both the cybersecurity of sensitive patient information and the efficient handling of IT needs across various locations.

Mr. Gibson concludes, “MBS Secure is working with many such companies to ensure that their I.T. infrastructure is positioned for expansion securely and efficiently.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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