Moving to Office 365

“The Cloud”. What was once a misunderstood and daunting frontier has become a trusted and reliable solution for large and small companies alike. The concerns of data being lost or stolen have started to disappear thanks in part to user education and the general understanding that the cloud is MORE secure than most onsite legacy solutions.

Now that the veil of uncertainty surrounding the cloud has been lifted, it is time to start taking advantage of all the features and security it provides. Today we will be looking at a part of Microsoft’s cloud, Office 365.

Office 365 is an integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you operate and grow your business. All the familiar apps like Word, Outlook and Excel, updated regularly with the latest security and feature updates. Office 365’s cloud powered email allows you to reach customers and coworkers wherever and whenever, with a 99.9% up time. Additionally, Office 365 provides data redundancy in multiple data centers, ensuring your cloud data is safe from disaster.


A Few Benefits of Office 365:

  • 99.9% up time backed by a Service Level Agreement that includes financial compensation

  • Maintenance free infrastructure and simple management saves cost and boost efficiency

  • Pay as you go pricing that provides scalability and predictability for your budget.

  • Automatic updates and feature upgrades add value and alleviate downtime

  • Overnight security compliance with all major regulatory agencies including; HIPPA, FISMA, ISO 27001, FedRAMP and others.

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