Next Generation Firewalls for Small Business

Firewalls have been a standard business security tool for decades. And in years past, a firewall and antivirus were all you needed to secure your data. However, the threats to your data have evolved and a traditional firewall is no longer sufficient to protect your organization. Next generation firewalls, or NGFWs, are a critical component of a modern cybersecurity plan.


What is a Next Generation Firewall?

There are significant differences between a traditional firewall and a NGFW. A traditional firewall works by monitoring network traffic and restricting traffic from sources on its “block list.” This configuration is very static, leaving it vulnerable to modern styles of cyberattack. Next generation firewalls can inspect traffic at a much deeper level and prevent threats from entering the network thanks to intrusion prevention systems and regular security updates from their manufacturers.




Benefits of Implementing a Next Generation Firewall:

  • With a NGFW, you can limit access to specific applications and websites on your network. If your employees are not permitted to use programs like Dropbox or visit social media sites like Facebook from their company devices, a NGFW can block access. This allows for employees to only have access to websites and applications that are required for their job role. By filtering application and site access you can increase security, productively and bandwidth usage.

  • NGFWs are capable of blocking malware and other threats from entering your network, something that a traditional solution can not accomplish. They are also capable of identifying Advanced Persistent Threats. This is when an attacker maintains a long-term presence on your network in order to harvest your data.

  • NGFWs also provide geolocation functionality. This feature can restrict location-based access and prevent outside access to your data. With a NGFW, you can block access to your network from specific countries, states and even from IP address outside of your network. This alone can significantly lessen your risk of a successful cyberattack.


Implementing some type of firewall should be considered a requirement for any business with data to protect. But in this current landscape, a NGFW is one of the best ways to safeguard your environment. The flexibility, scalability and control that is provided by a next generation firewall can provide new insight into your network and protect your company from a wider range of threats. To discuss implementing a NGFW for your business, give us a call or reach out by clicking here.




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