Most Common Cyber Threats Businesses Can Avoid

cyber threats

When you are running a business, you have enough to worry about without the added pressures of cyberattacks. That’s why you need to know what types of cyber threats are out there and what you can do to prevent them.

Cyber attacks are always going to be around. The more sophisticated security gets, the hackers are always working to get around them. Education for businesses is key for awareness and keeping them off your system.

Most Common Cyber Threats

There are always going to be concerns when it comes to cybersecurity. Here are a few to be aware of.


Ransomware is a virus that scrambles or blocks all your data. It’s called ransomware because the hacker will demand a large payment to unscramble it or give over the code to unlock it. There is no guarantee that they will do so, even if you agree to pay.


Malware is a code that creeps into an already compromised computer system. It includes other types of malevolent software, like spyware, ransomware, command, and control. Malware can spread across a network and make changes in data and other information. It will cause damages and can remain undetectable for a long time.

While it is in your system, it can block access to certain areas, disrupt and even shut down the system, install other types of malware, and copy information and send it out to the hacking source for them to sell on.


Phishing can arrive in the form of emails, texts, and other types of instant messages. They contain links or attachments meant to steal information from the user who opens it.

Not only do they steal information like passwords and account numbers, but they can install malware that is setting up to continue to attack your entire system.


The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency introduces new concerns for protecting it. Cryptojacking is cybercriminals hijacking third-party home or work computers to search for cryptocurrency.

Accessing your cryptocurrency requires a lot of computer processing so hackers can make money by secretly piggybacking on someone else’s systems. If your business gets hacked by someone trying to access your cryptocurrency, it can mean a lot of downtime for your entire system.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

A MITM attack is where the hacker can intercept and relay messages between two parties who believe they are interacting with one another.

Also called an eavesdropping attack, once the hacker has made its way into the conversation, they can change and steal sensitive information.

SQL injection

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used in programming and is code that is designed to get injected into data-driven applications. Once these codes are injected into your system, it allows the server to reveal sensitive information.

This could be anything from passwords and account numbers to personal information and credit card numbers. It can also establish a portal for the hacker to access your system for extended periods of time.

Cyber Threat Protection

Keeping one step ahead of cyber-attacks means education. You and your employees need to understand these threats and take them seriously. Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you are safe.

Smaller businesses often think no one will attack them, that hackers are only interested in larger corporations. This way of thinking leaves too many small businesses open and vulnerable to cyber threats.

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