Upgrading your Microsoft Office Suite

As 2020 approaches, the Office 2010 End of life does as well. End of Life means no further support or security updates for any of the Office 2010 suite: Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. Now is the perfect time to start planning your upgrade strategy.


Why upgrade to an Office 365 subscription?


• An Office 365 subscription can be billed annually or monthly, and it can scale as your business demands.

• As your business needs change, you can easily change your subscription quantity and type to meet those needs, never feeling a sunk cost from purchasing a one-time license that might not be a good fit a year or two from now.


• With the right Office 365 subscription you can install the Office suite on multiple computers as well as access the online version of these programs. All using one license.

• If you choose to upgrade to Office 2019 in the stand-alone format, be aware that it is only compatible with Windows 10. Office 365 does not have this limitation.


• You will always have the latest version of Office. If your industry is obligated to meet certain regulations, you can rest assured that your Office programs will be up to date.

• An Office 365 version of the desktop suite receives regular updates for bug fixes and security patches – if you maintain your Office 365 subscription, your applications will always be eligible for these updates.


• The newer versions of the Office programs have a variety of new features that promote collaboration, data sharing and other productivity boosting functionality.

• Most licenses come with significant OneDrive cloud storage included. A feature that Dropbox and other cloud storage companies charge for.

You can still purchase the Office suite in the “buy it once” stand alone format. However, subscribing to Office 365 is the better value. You will be purchasing more features, updates and flexibility with licensing. All at a cheaper price. Give us a call or email the Help Desk to discuss upgrading your Office suite to an Office 365 subscription today.

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