How Microsoft 365 Supports Small Business

Salvus TG are experts in Microsoft 365 solutions. We have migrated several of our partners to Microsoft 365 and have seen firsthand how game-changing a tool it can be for small businesses. Increased security, reduced costs, reliable service, and a boost in employee productivity are just a few of the benefits that Microsoft 365 provides. Microsoft 365 can help your business grow and Salvus TG can build a custom plan to fit your business.

Today we are going to look at how Microsoft 365 can solve many of the problems small businesses face daily and why now is the perfect time to migrate.

Goodbye Hardware (and the headaches) –

On-Premise hardware can crash or fail for a variety of different reasons. Power outage, a failed drive, or natural disaster could lead to hours of downtime, if not days. With a cloud based infrastructure, downtime becomes less of a concern. Microsoft 365 provides access to your data with a 99.9% uptime agreement. If you have internet access or cell service, you will have access to your data.

Microsoft 365 can also save your bottom line. One of the many benefits of cloud solutions is that you save on the management and maintenance costs that come with on-premise servers.

Secure storage –

Microsoft 365 provides serious security for all of your files and data. They implement security controls at 5 levels: data, application, access, physical data, and network. Combined with Microsoft 365’s data encryption, you can rest well knowing your cloud data is protected.

Remote access –

Businesses have been compelled to adapt to the increased need to have people work remotely. Accessing business data has never been easier. With Microsoft 365 & OneDrive, your organization can access their files from anywhere, on any device, securely. Additionally, you have the ability to remotely manage PCs and phones to ensure they are protected and up-to-date.

Communication & Collaboration –

Microsoft Teams has become one of the most popular business applications and it is easy to see why. Users can chat, video conference, call, share files, and more. All from one pane of glass. No need for multiple programs or accounts. Microsoft 365 also improves external communication. Microsoft 365 provides the ability to easily & securely share documents with clients or others outside of your organization.

Disaster Recovery –

While Office 365 does not protect your emails from accidental deletion or disgruntled employees (this problem requires a different solution), it does protect your email infrastructure from disaster. A fire, flood or hardware failure you could mean the loss of your on-premise server and all of the data it stores. Office 365 provides data redundancy in multiple data centers, ensuring your cloud data is safe from disaster.

With Salvus TG, the migration process to Microsoft 365 is seamless. Considering a move to Microsoft 365? Contact our team today, we are ready to build a custom plan for your business or answer any questions you might have.

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