The Purple Guys Announces Partnership with Rectangle Health



The Purple Guys Announces Partnership with Rectangle Health

Partnership to deliver industry-leading payment technology to dental healthcare professionals


PEARLAND, Texas, (October 24, 2018). The Purple Guys has announced a new strategic partnership with health care payment technology provider Rectangle Health.

As the creators of The Complete Cloud™, The Purple Guys is a leader in providing tailored cloud-solutions to the dental industry. With the addition of Rectangle Health’s payment technology, The Purple Guys’s cloud offerings will now extend to include cloud-based billing, payment, and reporting services.

“Our partnership with Rectangle Health will allow us to provide even further value to our dental clients,” said Jason Post, CEO of The Purple Guys. “By combining Rectangle Health’s payment technologies with our cloud management services, our offerings are even better positioned to meet the technology demands of today’s busy and growing dental practices.”

Pioneers in the healthcare payment technologies, Rectangle Health is an ideal fit for The Purple Guys’s cloud-first dental solutions. “We are thrilled to have a strategic partnership with The Purple Guys,” said Scott Catherwood, SVP Sales for Rectangle Health. “The Complete Cloud™ practice management solution combined with our Practice Management Bridge™ will enable The Purple Guys to deliver the most advanced and secure payment technology to their customers.”

Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge™ provides frictionless payment technology that helps practices capture and protect revenue by increasing patient payments and reducing costs. Their powerful data driven technology, combined with existing health patient information systems, assists in leveraging comprehensive reporting to achieve best-practice performance metrics, make informed business decisions, and improve patient satisfaction.

The combination of both tools is the ideal solution for today’s leading dental practitioners. “We see Rectangle Health as a perfect fit for our dental clients allowing them to perform the most efficient payment process by reducing multiple patient statements and related costs, all with no implementation or integration fees,” said Post.

About The Purple Guys
The Purple Guys was established in 2003 to change the IT game for growing businesses and dental practices. The Complete Cloud™ enables organizations to move virtually all existing software applications such as practice management, scheduling and billing and hardware such as X-Ray machines to the Cloud and operate them seamlessly enabling business and operational efficiency, cost savings and true security.

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About Rectangle Health
Rendering high administrative costs obsolete, Rectangle Health abolishes redundant processes and eliminates implementation and integration fees. By collaborating with our customers and utilizing strong health care industry knowledge, we can help them grow. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Valhalla, N.Y., with more than 100 employees across the U.S.

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