Managed power; putting an end to Power Trips

Leave it to Datto to make a surge protector cool.


The Power Trip. That’s what we call it when you get in your car, head to your client’s site, walk into their server room and pull the plug on that non-responsive device. Sure, once the device reboots, things usually go back to working just fine. But that takes time. And that costs you money.

Datto has recently announced a new line of cloud-managed products. One of these new products is a power strip that can be managed remotely. With six independently operated outlets that we can stop and restart remotely, this system is designed to help us boost your profitability by enabling us to reboot devices without having to dispatch a technician to do the job in person.

John Tippett, Datto’s VP of networking said “We took a fresh look at how we could develop a power device that saves time and maximizes productivity. We expect this product to have a real impact on the uptime of their clients.”


So often we see that a client just needs a reboot of a device to restore connectivity or performance. The ability to remotely and instantly reboot devices really changes the game. This means no waiting for a technician to pack up the gear, sit in traffic and find parking while you wait as your network is down. With these power strips deployed in your environment we can have your modem or firewall rebooted in minutes. Uptime equals productivity. Who doesn’t want that?

The system also comes with built-in reporting capabilities that let users scrutinize power usage patterns, and provides 4,000 joules of surge protection. If surge protection becomes depleted, the product’s lifetime warranty entitles owners to a free replacement unit.


Do you have two minutes? Let Datto’s CEO explain their new device the MP60:


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