Managed IT Services vs IT Consulting

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How Managed IT Services and IT Consulting Are Different

When companies are evaluating which technology services to adopt, the terminology can be confusing. For example, Managed IT Services and Consulting Services sound like similar offerings. However, these service offerings fulfill different needs. 

 Choosing which one is right for your company depends on an understanding of how the 2 offerings can be distinguished from each other and which one aligns with your business goals and requirements. 

 Here’s an exploration of some of the key differences between Managed IT Services and Consulting Services and the benefits they each deliver. 

Acting as Part of Your IT Team

While Managed IT and Consulting Services both turn your technology partner into an extension of your business and IT team, each type of service casts this partner in a different role. 

 Consulting Services give your company access to experienced advisors who can guide you in developing IT strategies. Consultants offer advice after engaging in deep conversation with your company. This guidance helps you make the right decisions before, during, and after technology implementations. Consultants can assess your current IT environment and processes and make suggestions about how to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize operations. 

 With Managed IT Services, your company entrusts ongoing IT support to the team at a managed service provider (MSP). By using Managed IT services, you outsource all major functions, duties, and responsibilities that are normally carried out by your in-house IT department. 

 Working with an MSP is cost-efficient compared to relying on your in-house IT department, helping you fill skills gaps without the expense of hiring full-time employees. You can use Managed IT Services in place of or to augment an internal IT team. Ideally, an MSP will offer both remote and on-site support, one reason for choosing a local company for Managed IT Services. 

3 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services provide different benefits from Consulting Services. 

 The 3 main advantages of adopting Managed IT Services are: 

  1. Predictable CostsTypically, MSPs deliver Managed IT Services at a predictable monthly rate that makes budgeting for IT easier. 
  2. Around-the-Clock Support  – The team at an MSP is available 24/7/365 to solve problems that may arise, helping your company avoid downtime.
  3. Data Security and ProtectionManaged IT Services deliver the top security tools and expertise your business needs to combat cybercrime. The right MSP will also deliver backup and disaster recovery services for greater business continuity and resiliency. 

3 Advantages of Consulting Services

Consulting Services have their own distinct advantages. 

 3 benefits of choosing Consulting Services are: 

  1. Strategic PlanningIT consultants can help your company develop strategic roadmaps for IT projects, giving them direction and ensuring that they align with business goals. Consultants can give your company advice about how to modernize by adopting the latest technologies. 
  2. Enhanced Decision MakingIT consultants serve as advisors who draw on their extensive experience to help your company make key technology decisions. 
  3. Ongoing SupportConsultation Services provide support for IT projects during planning and execution as well as after deployment. IT consultants can even mediate between solution vendors and your company.

Best of Both Worlds

Choosing Managed IT Services and Consulting Services doesn’t need to be an either/or decision. The 2 types of services have their own advantages and use cases.  

 Ideally, you should work with a technology provider that provides both so you can explore your options. Partnering with a local company ensures that you receive remote and on-site support. 

 The Purple Guys offers Managed IT Services and Consulting Services to companies in the Midwest and South. We provide trouble-free IT so your company can be more productive and focus on business strategy. 

Find out whether managed IT or consulting services are right for your company. Request a proposal from The Purple Guys. 

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