IT Reporting Showcase

Salvus understands the more you know about your environment, the better you can operate and grow. Having access to analytics reports can increase productivity, automate busy work and improve decision making.


From user incident reports to hardware warranty audits, Salvus provides an incredible amount of data in easy to digest graphs and charts. This data can help business owners and office managers understand their IT needs, plan their budgets and know that their devices are protected with the most recent patches and updates. Check out a sample of the reporting we provide and start using this data to get a deeper understanding of your environment.

The chart above provides an overarching view of your users interaction with our help desk. This can provide critical insights into replacing hardware, upgrading systems or the need for user training. 

Our hardware warranty reports assist in keeping devices protected as well as helping you budget for potential replacements far in advance. 


The image above shows the overall “score” of all things IT in your environment. It is further broken down in similar charts showing the status of security monitoring, data protection, asset management and network reliability.  This graph shows the current state of patch management of all devices we manage. Keeping machines up to date is crucial to the security of your network. 

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