How Outsourcing IT Services can Increase Profit & Productivity

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Businesses have been on an eternal quest to pursue profit and productivity. It is a never-ending quest as constant innovation drives more ways to make more money and increase productivity. In recent years, managed IT services have emerged as one of the latest and most effective innovations in this respect. Companies that use managed IT services make more money and are more productive than the average competitor. Their success can be your success, by scrapping your costly underperforming in-house IT department and swapping it for a more cost-efficient solution like a managed IT service.

What You Need to Get the Most Benefit From Outsourcing IT Services

A service with techs that actually answer the phone

Any managed IT service worth its salt will have someone available to answer the phone when you call. When shopping for managed IT services, try calling the main number and see if anyone answers.

Look for a managed IT service that’s locally staffed

Always make sure that the technicians working for the managed IT service that you’re interested in doing business with are locally staffed. What you don’t want are technicians that are on the road or overseas.

Visit the Facility

When doing business with a managed IT service, it’s always good practice to visit the facility. In fact, if the firm doesn’t openly invite you to visit their operations center, it’s a bad sign and you should not work with them. A genuinely useful managed IT service should be encouraging when it comes to the topic of making a visit.

On-site support with no questions asked

Another thing to look for in a managed IT service is on-site support. While many functions can and should be outsourced and performed remotely, you will still need on-site support from time to time and should not partner with a service that doesn’t provide it.

Backup of your data

Never work with a managed IT service that doesn’t include a complete data backup. The whole point of outsourcing IT services is to get as many features as possible at the lowest cost, and a data backup should be one of those features. If something goes wrong and you don’t have a data backup, you’ll end up losing a lot more money than you saved on those services.

Guaranteed uptime and business continuity

Every business outsourcing work to a managed IT service should get protections including up-time guarantees against hardware failure.

How Managed IT Services Make Businesses More Profitable and Productive

When someone hears the term, managed IT services, not many folks readily know exactly what those services are. By using a managed IT service, you are essentially outsourcing all of the major functions, duties, and responsibilities that are normally carried out by a conventional IT department.

Let’s walk through some of the many ways that managed IT services save companies money and make them more productive. Firstly, you can scrap all of those costly salaries and benefits packages that we mentioned earlier. Firms who partner with a managed IT service pay a flat rate that covers the entire cost of the service rather than having to pay for individual salaries.

Managed IT services are able to offer low prices for a wide range of services because the cost is distributed across all of the other companies that pay into the service.

When you hire a managed IT service, you’ll be saving money on all kinds of things. You’ll save money on salaries, you’ll save money on projects, and you’ll even save money on security. Managed IT service providers like The Purple Guys can provide businesses with a full suite of IT services, including state-of-the-art security services.

Technical projects that are delegated to managed service providers, they will be completed faster and more conservatively.

The Purple Guys

If you’re going to shift to managed IT services, you can’t partner with just anybody. Sure some of the companies based in India have incredibly low prices, but the quality that you’d be getting would be disturbingly inferior. Don’t do that to yourself or your company, it’s not worth it. Call the Purple Guys instead, and start saving money every day!

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