How We Provide Comprehensive Security and Compliance To Our Customers — Through People, Process and Technology

HIPAA Compliance for Dental Offices is Easy with The Complete Cloud™

HIPAA compliance for dental offices can be tricky, especially for multi-location practices, each with their own staff, patients, networks, and equipment.

But HIPAA compliance needn’t be complicated, and you can ensure that each office is compliant in just a few days of using The Complete Cloud™. Imagine all data, all patient contact info, all treatment plans from each office encrypted in a single, secure, and compliant environment — accessible by you from anywhere.

When you use The Complete Cloud™, we can ensure you receive comprehensive security and compliance coverage because of our people, our processes, and our technology.

People Processes Technology
Security and compliance team comprised of certified cloud engineers and certified cybersecurity specialists Compliance-audit ready, intrusion detection, DDoS monitoring, triple-factor authentication Enterprise-grade hardware, multiple data center facilities with disaster recovery readiness

People: Our Security and Compliance Team

Our certified cloud engineers and cybersecurity specialists have gone through extensive training and certification processes and were hired by us after due diligence. They “get” the Cloud, and understand the absolute need for top-notch security and HIPAA compliance for dental offices.

Here’s a list of just some of our certifications:

  • PCI
  • SAS 70
  • SOC 2
  • SSAE Type II service organization
  • SSAE16 certified and audited
  • WatchGuard Expert Partner

When we work with you, we work as a team. We get to know you and your needs and goals. And, when you call, we answer. Our team will be intimately familiar with your architecture, applications, and needs, there’s no wasting time explaining the issue and what’s been done to date. They’ll already know all that. This saves you time and lets them get to handling the issue more quickly.

Processes: OUR HIPAA Compliance & Security Procedures

Ensuring HIPAA compliance for dental offices involves a multitude of procedures, including physical, administrative, and network safeguards. We’ve developed several processes for each — and even more.

5 Layers of Security

A firewall is an essential security tool, but alone it isn’t enough to safeguard your data. We deal with security on a variety of other levels as well:

  • Application layer: We understand your data and how to properly isolate your applications to protect them from threats.
  • Facility layer: Our data centers are ultra secure, with restricted and monitored employee access.
  • Network layer: Our real-time monitoring targets network threats 24/7 and prevents them from getting into your environment.
  • Storage layer: Secure virtual servers hold your data and are always backed up.

User Audit Trails

we have records and audit trails of all activity that happens within the cloud environment when anyone comes onboard as a user.

A key to HIPAA compliance for dental offices is audit logs. We’ve got you covered there. We actively monitor user accounts, authentication, and data to ensure PCI, SOC2, SAS70, and HIPAA compliance. We track:

  • Who has access to what applications
  • User logins
  • User access levels
  • Changes to databases
  • File access
  • Operating system access logs
  • …and more!

So, we have records and audit trails of all activity that happens within the cloud environment when anyone comes onboard as a user.

And we adhere to third-party auditing, you can rest assured we’re doing what needs to be done.

HIPAA Compliance-Audit Readiness

Our activity logs make you ready for a HIPAA compliance audit. You simply show the auditors your documented workflow policies and procedures, such as who changes a departing employee’s password and how desktop data is accessed and protected. And then, simply give them our card and say, “Call The Purple Guys. They have all the certifications and they have our technology compliance.” It’s like the Monopoly get-out-of-jail-free card.

Product: The Complete Cloud™ Technology

It’s not just a matter of having antivirus software, having the greatest router, having comprehensive gateway suites to be HIPAA compliant. Those are all things that are understood as a needed requirement in any dental office environment.

Rather it’s about the technologies — the encryption, the enterprise-grade hardware, the network resiliency, the backups, and data recovery tools — needed. It’s also about the uptime. Productivity is lost and patient care is delayed when your network goes down. The Purple Guys guarantees 99.9% uptime.

3-Step Authentication

We employ three-step authentication to add another level of security to private health information. Thus, a user needs a:

  • Password to the cloud
  • Access to a tunnel that connects them to The Complete Cloud™
  • The actual authentication to get into the practice management applications

Multi-level, Military-grade Encryption

HIPAA regulations don’t mandate encryption of patient data, but note that it’s an “addressable” area. As such, The Purple Guys addresses it and uses multi-level, military-grade encryption to keep your patient data secure. We encrypt data at rest, through the tunnel and in transit.

Data Center Protection

The Purple Guys owns its own internet IP addresses. So we’re not on the same rings where you would have a potential DDoS attack.

Your data resides in multiple facilities that we fully manage. We have active control sets with probes and alerts that constantly scan everything coming in or going out to counter any threats before they get into your private cloud. And we use artificial intelligence to mitigate the threat.

In addition to monitoring all traffic to ensure protection against threats, we provide:

  • Comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. The Purple Guys owns its own internet IP addresses. So we’re not on the same rings where you would have a potential DDoS attack.
  • Live-to-the-second encrypted backup and replication.

Breach & Disaster Recovery Readiness

All the technologies used in The Complete Cloud™ lead to our extraordinary readiness to deal with a potential breach or the need for disaster recovery. The Purple Guys follows best practices and processes to keep your data safe at all times. We:

  • Maintain a full snapshot of your environment and data
  • Position your data across all facilities so that you’re always online whether a threat occurred or a threat needs to be remediated
  • Provide fast recovery to minimize any downtime?

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Gain peace of mind — and HIPAA compliance for your dental office.

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