Helpful Tips to Protect Your Business from Digital Sprawl

Digital Sprawl Protection

Are you controlling and managing your information? One of the top challenges for many businesses is the sheer volume of unmanaged digital documents. If you are dealing with this problem in your business’s physical and online presence, then you may be a victim of digital sprawl.

What Is Digital Sprawl?

Digital or data sprawl describes the large amount of data that is produced by companies throughout the world daily. It is associated with cloud services and non-existent or poor governance of specific platforms. With more businesses adopting the cloud in recent years than before, the need for improved content oversight has occurred.

With so much data being created daily, it is possible that serious security issues may arise. With the fast-paced world, we live in today; it is up to you to figure out how you can manage all the information you have.

While managing digital sprawl may seem difficult and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

One of the most difficult steps is being willing to let go of the tools or services your business and employees are familiar with and comfortable with. Keep reading to learn more about preventing issues related to digital sprawl.

Preventing Digital Sprawl

There are a few ways that it is possible to avoid issues related to digital or data sprawl and the complications it can cause. These things include:

Document your existing services, which include users, integration, and workflows.
Find ways to minimize application sprawl. This can be done by standardizing a single platform and by leveraging all the available features.

Integrated a process that lets your users map the current services to newer and approved applications.

Never let individuals or departments control or review the integration of existing or new digital resources.

Make it a requirement to review the functionality of applications that are focused on security and usability.

Taking Control of Issues with Digital Sprawl

When you take the steps and use the tips here, you can benefit from more streamlined services, an increased ROI, and even improved governance of information. You will also be able to manage your employee’s expectations better, reduce the total cost of ownership, increase technology adoption, and reduce support needs.

In some situations, hiring a third-party service provider for help with this will prove beneficial. Just be sure to find the right service provider to help you with the issues that you are having. Contact The Purple Guys today.

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