4 Signs It’s Time for Help Desk Outsourcing

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Perhaps you help run a growing and successful company, and you’re doing it all: accounting, HR, IT, and occasionally serving as office therapist. You’re the backbone of the business and a vital part of its success, deserving of all the credit in the world for your ability to juggle so many positions.

The biggest question is, can (and should) you continue doing so?

Asking for help is tough, but letting go of control is even harder because it’s difficult to believe other people can do it better. If you want to make yourself truly invaluable to your company, bring in solutions that save money and free you up so you can put your efforts where they will have the most impact. One such area is finding an IT vendor to oversee your technology. It is a hat that we know you do not want to wear.  We all have our favorites and IT is never one of them.  Trust is not given it is earned.  Here are some things to help you.

Here’s how to determine whether it’s time to outsource your IT help desk.

You Have Multiple Vendor Contracts

The best outsourced IT companies will also provide vendor management. These companies work with the vendors you currently deal with and can make sure you get the best deals. They’ll also make sure you make the correct technology decisions. With more companies getting back-up internet and throwing around terms like SD-WAN, it can get very confusing (and costly) to maintain your phone system, internet agreements, and other technology contracts. With a support team that helps vet your vendors, you can be assured you’re getting the best value out of your IT budget and will likely experience a positive effect on your bottom line.

You’re Paying Too Much for Security Software

Any outsourcing solution you go with must provide security software that is proven effective in the marketplace. If an outsourced IT vendor requires you to pay extra for ant-virus, spam filtering, and desktop backups, it’s time to look elsewhere. Most help desk outsourcing companies will provide this in their monthly cost. Because they have so many clients that require it, they can buy it at a much cheaper rate than you can, and should pass the savings along to you as part of their agreement. Understanding the net savings will help you stay within budget when trying to justify hiring an outsourced helpdesk.

Your Time is More Valuable Spent Elsewhere

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably a single person doing the job of four people with a background in accounting or HR. Even though you might be able to troubleshoot and fix common desktop issues, there is still only so much time in a day. Is the time you spend dealing with computer issues really helping the company? The reality is it may actually do more harm than good because you’re not spending enough time on your core role. Imagine if you had the time to dive into those company HR policies or put financial reports together that go past just a P&L.

You have so much experience in your core field and didn’t get a computer science degree, so why are you spending time serving as your company’s IT help desk? Your company and its employees will appreciate and value you even more when you remain focused on the big picture rather than technology issues.

Cyber Security is Real, and You’re Not Equipped to Handle It

If your company gets hit with a $100,000 cyberattack that could have been prevented by spending a fraction of that amount each month on an outsourced IT solution, it could threaten your livelihood and that of all your employees. That’s a big responsibility to bear. The reality is that, when it comes to accessing your systems, cybercriminals have the upper hand, and you need someone who knows how to fend them off.

There are numerous service desk providers that deal with cyber threats every day and know how to mitigate the risks. Their job is to ensure customer satisfaction by preventing cyberattacks. Unfortunately, you likely lack the cybersecurity experience or resources to maintain firewalls, ensure timely updates, deploy two-factor authentication, research current risks, and monitor your systems for suspicious activities. The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, and reputable outsourced help desk companies have experts who monitor networks 24/7 in cybersecurity network operations centers (NOCs).

Letting go of that responsibility will not only improve your stress level, it will help ensure you won’t have a catastrophic attack that could threaten your company. Sadly, it happens every day, and not all companies survive.

Working smarter is much more profitable than working harder. You’ve already solidified yourself as a vital part of the company; now it’s time to improve your bottom line even further by focusing on your core competencies and allowing someone else to manage your IT headaches.

To find out how an outsourced IT provider can benefit you and your company, contact the IT experts at Technology Pointe today.

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